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When is the International Day of the Elderly?

Every year on 21 August is celebrated as International Day of Older Persons recognize the role of the elderly in society. Let’s learn about the importance of this day in this blog.

International Day of Older Persons – Why Do We Celebrate This Day?

World Elders Day is a time when people remember the efforts of older people in empowering people. It is a period whose purpose is to spread knowledge about age and diseases related to the diseases of the elderly. The day is also recognized to find ways on how the health and wellness of the elderly can be managed without affecting their quality of life.

Elderly people are the most vulnerable in all areas in terms of diseases, viruses and so on. Thus, like children, they also need care and attention. For example, we have already seen during the epidemic how the elderly were affected the most in life. Therefore, all over the world the elderly were advised not to leave their homes and were asked to stay indoors to avoid unnecessary infections.

On the International Day of Elderly 2022, it is important to find ways to ensure the safety of the country’s elderly generation so that the comfort and well-being of the elderly can be well looked after.

The greatest concern of the aging generations

Among the many problems faced by the elderly, especially in a country like India, one major issue is child migration. It seems that children migrate to cities and other places in search of livelihood, leaving their elderly parents to fend for themselves in their old age.

In such situations, elderly parents may take waste from nursing homes or rely entirely on domestic help. In many cases, these services are unreliable and do not fully understand the issues of the elderly. Also, the fact that people who were independent and productive for a long time, suddenly depended on others for every task, is very sad.

Also, the children are in such trouble because they could not spend enough time with their elderly parents to take care of their health and needs. moreover, they are not sure about their stay in nursing homes. This may not be the case in rural areas where people do not have such options. Similarly, wealthy families also do not consider such options because of the stigma associated with them.

So, in such circumstances, how are the elderly cared for? Is there any better and cheaper way that the aging generation can get the care they need without sacrificing their home.

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Elderly Care and Comfort at Home

With the advancement of technology in the health sector, it has become easier to manage the health of the elderly at home. Therefore, the solution to managing the health of the elderly easily at home becomes another option. This can be achieved with the help of Home Healthcare professionals.

Therefore, if the children are away due to work, these professionals can help the elderly to be comfortable in their homes. Now, stay health insurance for the elderly it can help in this matter to reduce the financial problems of people who hire such jobs.

Home health aides are trained and skilled workers with basic skills and advanced techniques. Therefore, they can help the elderly in daily activities such as grooming, bathing, giving them medicine and helping them by giving them the right food on time and personal care and so on, so as to maintain their dignity.

They also have the ability to use complex medical equipment and machinery necessary to ensure proper care for the elderly. In addition, these experts make sure to interact and socialize with the elderly. They take them on walks and accompany them to other events, giving the elderly the company they need.

International Senior Citizens Day in India

As in other parts of the world, India’s World Senior Citizens Day is held every year to focus on ways to improve the lives and health of the country’s older generation. The the government has launched many health insurance plans for senior citizens in India so that no one is denied the benefit of medical care. The best part of government health insurance for senior citizens is that it is affordable and easily accessible to the general public. In addition, there are many good health insurance plans for senior citizens over 60 years of age offered by governments and private insurance companies that support senior citizens.

The end

On International Elderly Day, let’s do something to give our seniors good health and quality of life. Give them the love and attention they deserve and spend enough time (if possible) with them. Also, make sure you buy the best health insurance for senior citizens in India with features like home cover to give them better care and a place at home.

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