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In a change of roles at Vermont Captives, The Liberty Company gets an executive office and the CIO is named Ryan Specialty in this edition of People on the Move.

Director of Human Resources for the Canadian Branch of the NFP Announced

Alana Lapierre, Senior Vice President of Human Resources Canada, NFP

NFP, a personal injury and property supplier, has appointed Alana Lapierre to lead its HR operations in Canada.

His new role as senior vice-president of human resources in Canada will see Lapierre lead NFP’s efforts to improve business culture by working with business leaders to improve talent management, workforce development and promote diversity, inclusion and inclusion.

Lapierre will report to Mary Steed, chief public officer, NFP.

“Alana has a wealth of experience providing information to senior teams and developing HR programs to drive performance and performance,” said Steed. “They know how to bring the cultures that help attract and retain good people.”

Lapierre joins NFP from CCM Hockey, where he served as global vice president, people and culture, and chief human resources officer.

“I am honored to join an outstanding HR team and a great team at an organization that prioritizes culture and inclusion in all operations,” said Lapierre.

“NFP is already Canada’s leading employer, and we want to build on that role and focus on putting people first and creating a beautiful culture of engagement and service.”

Ryan Specialty welcomes Bradley Bodell as CIO

Ryan Specialty, a provider of specialty healthcare and insurance solutions, agents and carriers, has brought on Bradley Bodell as the company’s chief information officer.

Bodell will lead Ryan Specialty’s technology and security teams and be responsible for developing vision, strategy and technology to drive revenue growth, drive operations and reduce risk.

Patrick G. Ryan, founder, chairman and CEO of Ryan Specialty, said, “We are excited to add Brad to the Ryan Specialty team. Brad has a long history of implementing information technology in the insurance industry, and we look forward to his unique skills and pioneering vision. “He will be a great fit for Ryan Specialty. As CIO, we are confident that Brad will bring great value to our company.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Ryan Specialty family,” said Bodell.

“I hope to be a thought leader and successful in change, and to be involved in the management of the company as a member of the risk and finance committee. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work for a new and exciting insurance company.

A Managing Partner joins the Liberty firm

Michael Lopez, Santa Rosa office manager, Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers has announced the addition of Michael Lopez as managing partner of the Santa Rosa office.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience in providing risk management, insurance and corporate governance solutions, Lopez will be tasked with helping corporate clients identify their highest risk exposures and develop strategies to increase their security and reduce cost drivers.

When asked about the opportunity to join Liberty, he said, “Each company has its own culture, either by creating or by letting everyone ‘do what they want.’ Entering the Liberty company, it was clear to me that the culture and design, and their core values ​​really impressed me: Integrity, Good Practice, Caring, Kindness, Teamwork, Good Cooperation and Fun!

Beazley Chair Stands Down, Interim Positions Filled

Christine LaSala, independent director, president, Beazley

Beazley plc chairman David Roberts is standing down from the board in 2022 to take up the role of chairman of the Bank of England. Christine LaSala, a senior independent director, will serve as interim chair while Beazley’s committee evaluates candidates.

Bob Stuchbery will act as interim chief executive and Nicola Hodson will also chair the remuneration committee. When a new chair is elected, the directors will resume their regular duties.

“I want to thank David Roberts for the important role he has played at Beazley over the past five years, especially as we faced the challenges of COVID-19 and the changes to our management team,” LaSala said in a press release. .

“Instead, the board would like to thank David for the leadership he has shown in managing diversity and inclusion at Beazley. He leaves us with a strong business with an exciting future. As a business focused on risk management and insurance, we are committed to providing stability and continuity to our stakeholders.” with them. We are now beginning the process of selecting his successor and will provide an update in due course.”

Vermont Recommends Director of Bonded Insurance

Christine Brown, director of hostage insurance, Vermont Hostage

Christine Brown has been promoted to director of prison insurance for the Department of Financial Services (DFR) for Vermont Prisons after serving as assistant director. He has held many positions in the organization, starting in 2003 as an auditor.

Brown’s appointment follows the resignation of David Provost, who was announced in May this year, as deputy commissioner. Sandy Bigglestone, a former director of prison insurance, will take over as Provost at the end of August. Brown will replace Bigglestone immediately.

“Over the years that I have worked with Christine, I have come to know her as one of the most talented, professional and dedicated insurance adjusters, as well as one of the friendliest and most thoughtful people,” said Dan Petterson, exam director. , DFR.

“What Christine did to make things work for us is immeasurable. We are fortunate to have someone as accomplished and committed as Christine to take on the role of slave director and help ensure that Vermont lives up to its golden age.

“In my 20+ years in captive insurance, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from the best and brightest in the industry, most recently as associate directors Sandy Bigglestone and Dave Provost,” said Brown.

“I am honored to be appointed to the board under Sandy’s leadership. I look forward to continuing to grow and support the business, along with my wonderful colleagues at DFR and our key partners in the industry as we promote Vermont’s success.” &

Autumn Demberger is the content expert at Risk & Insurance®. He can be reached at [email protected].