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Simple Yoga for Babies and Its Benefits

Did you know that babies are born with yoga? Yes, yoga is instilled in every child from birth. It’s no wonder they get used to it so quickly and enjoy the many benefits it offers. This blog lists 6 simple yoga poses that your child can start doing right away and the benefits for everyone’s physical and mental health.

The age-old and ageless practice of yoga has never failed to benefit anyone who practices it diligently. This only further confirms that children also have this rule. Instead, a child who has been practicing yoga asana (behavior) and mud (hands) from the time of birth they get many benefits of this practice. When yoga comes naturally to children, why not push them a little further to delve into the science that promises physical and mental stability and good health? That’s why this post is about easy yoga poses for kids that they can do on their own.

Why Should Kids Do Yoga?

Although practicing yoga benefits everyone, children and adults alike, children especially get the chance to benefit from it. This is because a child’s body and mind are both more responsive to new changes and situations than adults. This is why when they practice yoga regularly over time, it opens up a whole new world for them which includes:

  • Physical calmness, especially if the children are distracted
  • Mental and emotional stability when children are anxious
  • Reducing stress in terms of academic pressure, family problems, pressure from parents/friends, etc.
  • Improving the body’s energy and internal defenses
  • Improving attention and focus on specific situations

With all these advantages, a child’s personality can blossom.

Easy Yoga for Kids

If you are introducing yoga to your child for the first time, it is best to start with simple poses that they can do comfortably according to their age. That’s why we’ve rounded up some easy yoga poses for kids that your child can start with. Some of these asanas and animal yoga represent children, which means that the pose resembles a certain animal. This makes it fun for kids to remember the name of yoga and practice it with enthusiasm.

6 Easy Baby Yoga Poses That Are Good For Everyone

Here are the top 6 yoga asanas that your child will love to do every morning with or without you! Each of the yoga poses has its own benefits listed beside you.

1. Easy Place to Live

  • Also known as Sukhasana, happiness means comfort and asana meaning the position. This healthy pose is suitable for children of all ages, even toddlers. This is the first and most important form of yoga that you can introduce your child to. Even being inside Sukhasana (cross-legged) comes naturally to everyone, including children, and few know the great benefits of this habit.

Advantages of the post:

  • They bring flexibility to the body, especially in the hips and legs
  • They promote the right posture
  • It helps to relax the body completely
  • It reduces stress in the body, thus reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • It increases attention

2. Appearance of the Child:

This position is called reason. It resembles a child’s resting position during sleep. If you look closely, you will find many babies and toddlers sleeping like this most of the time. This is because they find it very interesting.

To do this, make the child sit on your knees. Their heels would be touching their hips. This position is also known as vajrasana. Now ask them to stretch their arms forward as far as they can and feel the stretch as they do so. Now, they can bring the arms back to the side of the body and place them there when you are completely relaxed.

Advantages of the post:

  • It helps release stress and tension in the body
  • It works as a good way to calm the children
  • It increases the flexibility and strength of the lower body – hips, legs and ankles, in particular
  • It helps calm an overactive, upset, or stressed child

3. Appearance of Cobra:

  • This is one animal drawing that your child will just love to do. Instead, you can encourage him to roar like a lion every time he enters, so that he can continue to do well.

It’s fairly easy to do as well. Have the child lie down on the yoga mat, with the stomach facing the floor and touching the mat. Their hands should be beside the chest. Make sure your toes are pointing outwards. Now ask the child to raise his upper body and support his hands. The neck can go back as far as I can, just like a howling mountain.

Advantages of the post:

  • It helps promote blood circulation throughout the body
  • They help to develop language skills in the child
  • It helps strengthen the muscles of the chest, abdomen, arms, and back, and improves flexibility.
  • It helps to improve the posture of the whole body

4. The shape of a butterfly:

  • This is a favorite yoga pose for many children because it allows them to fly like a butterfly! You can add joy to your child by imagining a short story about a butterfly flying from its home to different flowers in search of nectar.

See the big smiles on their faces as they sit there with their legs folded, fingers touching each other, and fanning their wings (thighs) vigorously. Encourage them to shoot hard to fly as high as a butterfly!

Advantages of the post:

  • It helps reduce stress and fatigue
  • It works well in regulating the metabolism
  • It also helps reduce headaches in children due to clothing

5. Cost Structure:

  • From animals, we go to trees. Tree pose is loved by children of all ages and you can ask your child to try several variations of the pose. To get into the tree, ask the child to place one foot on top of the other leg and fold your arms as you do so. Now ask them to hold their hands with their hands bent, above their head. Try to get the child to be able to maintain his body as he tries to stay in it for a short period of time.

Advantages of the post:

  • It helps to change the correct posture of the body
  • It helps to provide sensations in the body

6. Body Appearance:

This is also the easiest of all types of yoga for children. It involves lying quietly on your back, body straight, and focusing on complete body relaxation.

Advantages of the post:

  • It helps to increase motivation at work
  • It promotes complete relaxation and calmness in the body
  • They help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety in the body and mind


The main concern of every parent is the health of their child. Promoting yoga practice is only one step in the direction. If you want to protect your child’s future and health for life, make sure you buy it health insurance for your children and other family members in addition to your own. Although yoga can certainly help protect children’s safety, going to the doctor and getting treatment may be necessary. In these times, a health insurance plan is very useful to cover the expenses incurred for the treatment of your child.

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