A widower’s car insurance increases when his wife dies, it’s not a good idea Betty Lin-Fisher

Joe Kline of Suffield was shocked when he called his insurance agent after his wife of 52 years, Angie, died in April pulmonary fibrosis.

Kline wanted to keep two cars insured, but thought his insurance would go down with one less driver.

Instead, it went up about $20 per half.

“That’s when I woke up,” Kline said. “I didn’t think it could be cut in half, but it doesn’t have to go up.”

That didn’t work, Kline said, as he was now half-responsible for the insurance company. Kline said he knows it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a fact that angered him. They lost the discount for several drivers.

“So I guess they think that if you don’t have your spouse in the passenger seat anymore they’re telling you to stop following or slow down which makes you a good driver, right?” he said.