Aetna Medicare Insurance Review

Medicare rules are complex, and it is common for people to be confused about how Medicare insurance works. Aetna strives to help consumers clear up the confusion about Medicare insurance.

Aetna has been offering a variety of health insurance plans, as well as dental and vision insurance plans. In 2018, the company lost money after offering health plans on the ACA Marketplace. Since then, it has stopped offering plans on the Marketplace.

However, Aetna still offers individual and group health insurance plans directly. Aetna also offers Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D plans, dental insurance plans, dental insurance plans, vision insurance plans and group disability plans.

Spread Into All 50 States? Yes
# of Manufacturing Options 3 (HMO, PPO, and POS)

Medicare Advantage plans

Anyone who is eligible for Medicare can get a Medicare Advantage Plan through Aetna to cover gaps in Medicare Parts A and B.

Aetna offers PPO, HMO and HMO-POS plans under Medicare Advantage. Out-of-network care is more expensive with PPO and HMO-POS plans, and clients are only referred to out-of-network providers in HMO plans unless there is an emergency.

Those who plan to plan must have a primary care physician for the HMO plan, and must be referred to see a specialist. Under HMO-POS plans, primary care physicians and specialist referrals are sometimes required.

Deductibles for HMO-POS plans are much lower than PPO and HMO plans.

All plans include access to dental, vision and hearing insurance.

Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug plan that is available as a stand-alone plan with Aetna. Consumers have a choice of three different plans under Medicare Part D, including the SilverScript SmartRX, SilverScript Choice and SilverScript Plus plans.

Plans are available with $0 deductibles and $1 copays. The SilverScript Plus plan provides multivitamins, Tier 1 and Tier 2 high-risk medications and some insulin savings.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans offer direct payments to supplement medical expenses that are not covered under other insurance plans, such as copays and coinsurance plans. Some coverages such as accident insurance, critical illness insurance and hospital payment plans also cover household expenses, utility bills or grocery bills.

In addition to health insurance, Aetna offers Medicare Supplement plans with fixed benefits, dental and vision coverage.

Aetna customers can reach someone in the customer service department by calling a toll-free number. The representative transfers the customer to the appropriate team to handle their call. All service representatives do not have access to policy information.

Unlike other major health insurance companies that have representatives available around the clock, Aetna teams are available between 8am and 6pm EST.

Alternatively, Aetna customers can reach someone on the customer service team by sending a message online directly or using the online customer portal.

Also, customers who prefer the online option can open a chat window on the Aetna website to speak with a customer representative.

Fortunately, Aetna’s customer service department reviews are generally positive. Customers have reported that the website is simple and easy to use, making it easy to find what they are looking for.

The NAIC index shows the average number of customer complaints as evidence of their good service. This means that Aetna receives far fewer complaints than its competitors. All other financial and customer sectors are very good, as the chart below shows. Aetna is ready to pay for what they want now and in the future.

BBB value A+
AM Best Rating A
NAIC Complaints Index <2
Moody’s opinion Stable
The power of JD N/A

Aetna operates in all 50 states, and depending on where they live, the amount that insurers pay for their premiums depends on where they live and what type of insurance they purchased.

Overall, Aetna’s rates are very good. Premiums for Aetna’s Medicare Advantage Plans start at $0 per month. For Medicare Part D, plan participants can expect to pay about $7 per month in most states.

People who do not receive employer-sponsored health care can purchase dental insurance at a reasonable cost. Aetna dental insurance plans cover up to 100% of preventive dental care costs and up to 80% of the cost of dental treatments and procedures. Something that sets Aetna apart from similar health insurance providers is that they offer discounts on prescription dental care.

Another thing that sets Aetna apart from its competitors is its dental discount plans, which offer patients discounts on dental services up front.

Aetna dental insurance plans are usually more expensive than other health insurance plans, but they offer good rates compared to the benefits they offer.

Authors rate their experience with Aetna highly. Insurers can apply for various Medicare insurance plans on the Aetna website. This method is simple, fast and easy.

The Aetna Medicare Eagle plan is a PPO plan available to those who qualify for $0 per month with a $5,500 out-of-pocket limit.

Aetna also offers two unique mobile apps that allow policyholders to track their benefits and claims while abroad. These apps allow insurers to find online health care providers, view their plan information, access their IDs and pay their claims.

In addition, insurers also have the ability to set up personal reminders to adjust their health needs.

Enrollers do not need to pass a medical exam to get Aetna Medicare insurance.

Aetna’s latest innovation is Attain by Aetna. This mobile app connects with the insurer’s Apple Watch to allow them to set health and fitness goals. Insurers have access to rewards when they meet their fitness or nutrition goals. The app also provides recommendations for your sleep, exercise and appointment times. The Aetna Health app works on Android and Apple platforms. However, Attain by Aetna is only available on Apple Watches.

Customers are generally pleased with Aetna’s handling of insurance claims. Medical providers often file claims on behalf of insurers.

Aetna claims to use approved guidelines and procedures for handling claims and the information described in the customer’s health policy.

Aetna’s approach to reimbursement is based on a person’s total number of services, including hospital stays, tests, surgeries and other medical services. It will refuse medical treatment that it does not believe is medically necessary.

Like all other health insurance companies, Aetna provides its insurers with an Explanation of Benefits to explain what Aetna has paid and the reasons for denials. Aetna also responds to medical claims within 60 days.

Insurers will receive reimbursement for the costs they have paid to health care providers.

Aetna vs. Competitors

Although Aetna does not currently offer health insurance plans on the Marketplace, it is still considered a major player in health insurance. Its unique features and many beneficial options make it ideal for many people.

Like some of its competitors, Aetna offers rewards programs to its customers who are working to improve their health. Aetna customers can earn gift cards and other rewards to meet their health and fitness goals.

Another thing that sets Aetna apart from other health insurance providers is that the company employs people who can help their customers in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Russian, and more.

Finally, Aetna offers a prescription discount on its dental plan for a few extra dollars a month, which is very popular among insurers, as it can save them a lot over the course of a year.

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In reviewing Aetna’s Medicare insurance plans, Benzinga gives Aetna four stars for policy options, customer service and pricing. Aetna also receives five stars for its intuitive, easy-to-use website and top-notch mobile apps.

Aetna does not currently offer ACA health insurance plans, and it is unclear whether they will replace them in the future. Currently, Aetna is a strong financial player that offers Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Part D plans, dental insurance, vision insurance and dental coverage plans.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Aetna cover original Medicare?


Aetna does not offer original Medicare, but it does offer Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare Advantage plans cover many medical conditions that original Medicare does not cover.


Do you have to pay for Medicare Part B if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan through Aetna?


Yes. Medicare Advantage Plans are similar to Medicare Part C coverage. You must pay Medicare Part B premiums along with your Medicare Advantage Plan premiums if there is a monthly premium.