Agency Update: Major growth ahead with the purchase of Forge3

Scott White (pictured above), CEO of Agency Revolution and FMG, said Forge3’s technology and processes are a perfect fit and bring additional IP to the table.

“We saw that they created an interesting marketing strategy,” White said. “He has an elder [customer] to save, and we want to add this to our products. “

Neither party disclosed the purchase price of Forge3.

Agency Revolution employs more than 100 people, White said, and Forge3 will be integrated with Agency Revolution’s operations. The plan is to retain Forge3 employees. The brand will be anchored in Agency Revolution, however, which can now advertise on two platforms and the upcoming. The Forge3 team is located throughout California but is located in the Northeast.

Jeff Teschke (pictured above), founder and CEO of Forge3, ​​said selling at Agency Revolution helps his clients expand their options after repeated requests.

“When we talked to our customers and looked at the industry and what was going on, we knew we had the best platform… he said. “We reviewed our options, and we had a lot of customers, and we said this [acquisition] it makes perfect sense. “

Interest in the discovery built over time, Teschke added.

“When you’re in this place you just form relationships and you know that people and stars sometimes settle,” Teschke said. “I would say this is a good example of that.”

Teschke added that he feels it makes sense to stay as Forge3 integrates into Agency Revolution.

“It was the right thing to do to make sure that the team, customers and products – a little change – were streamlined as much as possible,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities that open up for companies … and you want to see all of these opportunities come to fruition.”

Forge3 software

Agency Revolution and Forge3 have launched the Forge3 ActiveAgency platform (shortly referred to as Forge) as the industry’s most advanced and fastest growing insurance agency platform. Launched in 2016, it was designed to help agents be more efficient and visible, among other things as a leading website for agents and brokers.

“There’s a lot of marketing tools built into it that go beyond a simple website that sits out there,” Teschke said. “People in the organization can use these tools [and those features]faster and faster to get people to the website, and during the sale.

Think of it as a kind of clean but customized platform.

“The platform itself is behind the scenes. You won’t see “ActiveAgency” or “Forge” or anything on an insurance agency’s website … we’re just providing the technology and platform to help them do that,” Teschke said.

‘A little geeky’

Teschke describes the Forge3 platform enthusiastically, warning that they’re “getting a little silly here” before going on to describe some of the “coolest tools” it includes. His inspiration: the big insurance companies.

“My dad worked at Chubb and I worked at Chubb, and a lot of what we ended up doing on the platform came from my experience and my connections and the connections of the team,” Teschke said.

One of these things is “visual art.” This includes interactive graphics that are designed to make the customer journey easier and more enjoyable. For example, a brewery owner can go to a website, with a clear image that informs about the insurance risks that you may have as a brewery owner, and what the process of getting the beer can be. The company has more than 50 “transparent” sessions designed to educate customers as they research their options.

Hello Producer is another part. It allows admins to post a link with a hashtag at the end of it.

“If you want to link a page to your website, you can put a hashtag market at the end of it, and all the activities are changed [your] contact information. Retailers and institutional manufacturers love this,” said Teschke.

The system also allows agents to easily record videos or videos to explain customer policy differences and options. They can be placed on a website and create what Teschke called “a ‘wow’ factor.”

On top of that, the Forge3 platform also relies heavily on API connections, so it can be integrated with multiple industry platforms.

“We see the website as part of the wheel [where] in different places we have to make many of these people work… “APIs are sometimes how we achieve this, but at a higher level. Making different systems work together seamlessly is good and important, and we do both.”