LEESBURG, Va., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Armfield, Harrison & Thomas, LLC (“AHT Insurance”), a limited liability company of BRP Group, Inc. (“BRP Group” or “Company”) (NASDAQ: BRP), announced the addition of Michael Wright to the leadership team as Managing Director of AHT Insurance’s Employee Benefits Group.

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As Managing Director, Michael will lead and oversee the Employee Benefits business unit to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainable benefits, as well as advance planning, development, operations, operations, and business development for AHT Insurance.

Michael’s 23 years of experience in employee benefits and relationships will strengthen AHT Insurance’s business and enable him to anticipate the needs of AHT Insurance’s customers and prospects, sales partners, and internal partners.

Prior to joining AHT Insurance, Michael held senior management, service, and marketing positions with several large national organizations. For the past several years, Michael has helped model the growth of Risk Strategies, the largest insurance broker in the NY Metro Region. Prior to that, 10 years ago, Michael was a senior architect in developing a national platform for Gallagher’s client base and built and managed a profit-driven start-up company.

“We are pleased to bring Michael’s valuable work experience and corporate relationships to AHT Insurance for the benefit of our clients and partners,” he said. David Schaefer, Regional President of AHT Insurance. “His customer-first approach, effective leadership, and focus on empowering his team of strong professionals to deliver the best services and solutions will help drive success for our customers and our company.”

Michael Wright“Employee Benefit business has always been a relationship business. An undeniable reason to establish good relationships with our clients and fellow volunteers. When the organization can welcome, educate, solve problems, encourage each other.” , and encourage personal growth, the more our skills can focus on building valuable relationships and providing trusted solutions. “


AHT Insurance, a trusted subsidiary of BRP Group, Inc., is an insurance and consulting company that provides property and casualty, employee benefits, retirement, personal and international services to clients. United States. AHT Insurance serves many industries and boasts national recognition in areas such as engineering, manufacturing, government contracting and nonprofits. Find out more at www.ahtins.com.


BRP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRP) is an independent insurance distribution company that provides comprehensive insurance and risk management information and solutions that give our Clients the peace of mind to achieve their goals, passions and dreams. We are starting the business by adopting a comprehensive approach to risk management, insurance and employee benefits, and supporting our Customers, Partners, Insurance Company Partners and communities through the delivery of mineard products and capital to drive our growth. The BRP Group represents more than 1,200,000 customers across the globe United States and all over the world. For more information, please visit www.baldwinriskpartners.com.


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