Annexus and Integrity Team Up to Transform Annuity and Life Insurance Product Design and Distribution

This historic partnership between leading market leaders will empower affiliates and advisors to deliver ways to improve the lives, health and wealth of American consumers.

DALLAS, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Additional information, an independent premium insurance and financial products manufacturing and distribution company. As part of marketing, Ron Shirts, Co-Founder and CEO of Annexus, will be Managing Partner in Integrity. Previous Annexus investors, including funds managed by Blackstone, will sell their preferred stock as part of the sale. Funding targets were not disclosed.

Annexus is a strong pioneer of financial and insurance products – including fixed income indexed annuities (FIA) and indexed universal life insurance policies (IUL) – for leading insurance companies. In addition to product development, Annexus provides full marketing, technology and illustration solutions to its distributors. The FIA ​​and IUL products are designed to help Americans manage their retirement savings. It is developed with extensive input from carriers, as well as leading experts and asset managers, and is shared by a team of consultants and financial experts. As former financial advisors and long-time entrepreneurs, Annexus Co-Founders Ron Shurts are Don Daddy bring a unique understanding of customer needs and expectations to their product design. Since its founding in 2006, Annexus has served more than half a million Americans with their retirement needs. In 2022, Annexus hopes to install approx $7 billion in annuity premium is $150 million in the target of life insurance.

“At Integrity, we are passionate about serving the lives, health and wealth of Americans to the fullest to ensure they have the best and most valuable solutions for every aspect of life, including retirement,” he shared. Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Since its inception, Annexus has been a market leader in creating annuity and life insurance products that have the highest performance in the industry. Joining the Integrity platform will provide Annexus with the knowledge team and technology, resources and support to make it happen. This partnership will give Integrity access to Annexus’ expertise in product development and distribution, which will greatly help us to help more Americans prepare for a brighter future. It will elevate the way insurance and investment products are created and distributed – we can’t wait to get started!”

“We built Annexus around a unique vision to revolutionize the development and delivery of products in the annuity and life insurance space and provide better solutions to our partners. Likewise, Integrity has revolutionized the distribution of insurance, wealth management and retirement plans by assembling an unrivaled team of industry leaders. . and the myths that are shaping every part of the industry,” he said Ron Shirts, Co-Founder and CEO of Annexus. “By leveraging our strengths, we are seeing unprecedented growth for both of our companies. Carriers, advisors and customers need the products and services we provide more than ever. When it comes to improving lives, there are no boundaries. We are committed to helping every American enjoy a safe and secure retirement, and partnering with Integrity will help us expand and accelerate toward that goal.”

Visionary companies in several industries are choosing to link their greatest success to Integrity. The Integrity platform creates unprecedented opportunities for collaboration as leaders create smarter solutions for all aspects of life, health and financial security.

“When two developers of this magnitude come together with a common goal, everyone wins,” he said Tom Dempsey, Chief Distribution Officer at Integrity. “Ron Shirts has become one of the most effective, most respected leaders in the industry. Every move they make is aimed at improving the lives of their employees, partners and financial partners, and ultimately, consumers who receive better results from the products produced by Annexus. With Annexus at our side, Fidelity can offer a range of retirement solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly growing market. This agreement strengthens Integrity’s commitment to improving retirement plans for all Americans. “

Through Integrity’s best-in-class platform, Annexus will gain access to greater depth and depth of technology and resources. This includes leading real-time and registration systems, customer relationship management programs and ongoing product development. Integrity partners are supported by infrastructure that supports business and management. Services include areas such as People & Culture, Technology & Innovation, regulatory and compliance, as well as marketing and integrity marketing opportunities.

Complementing all of these benefits is the opportunity for Annexus employees to enjoy ownership of the company through the power of Integrity. Employer Plans.

“Combining the growth and development of Integrity with the products we are creating is very exciting – and the key is to align cultures,” he said. Don Daddy, co-founded Annexus. “Extra and Integrity both value hard work, innovation and putting people first. The Integrity Employee Ownership Plan was an important part of this partnership. Our talented and hard-working employees are critical to our success, as well as the opportunity to be part of a strong and innovative division. -a thinking company like Integrity unlocks untold benefits for all of our members. We are very excited about what the future holds for this partnership – and a win for everyone.”

“Our work has always been to help consumers to benefit from what life brings in many ways, and to do this, we have partnered with trusted and respected names in the business,” he said. Steve Young, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Integrity. “The Annexus team has been a pioneer in developing leading-edge retirement products for decades. By bringing their expertise into our Integrity family, we will help more Americans save and retire with independence and security. This partnership marks a new era. Not because of Integrity and Annexus, as well as the companies themselves.

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Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading provider of life and health insurance, and a provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through a network of partners, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their lives, health and wealth and is committed to meeting them wherever they are – in person, by phone and online. Integrity’s leading technology helps streamline insurance and financial planning for all stakeholders. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and sells them through agencies, brokerages and RIAs across the country. Integrity’s nearly 6,000 employees work with nearly 500,000 agents and consultants who serve more than 11 million customers annually. In 2022, Loyalty will support carriers of approx $20 billion in new marketing and management than $20 billions of assets under management and advisory through RIA and trading platforms. For more information, visit

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As an independent American manufacturing and distribution company, Annexus creates solutions to help Americans grow and protect their retirement savings. Since 2006, Annexus has developed the world’s leading investment and life insurance companies, and is a leading developer of whole life investment solutions and plan providers. Annexus is recognized as a thought leader across the industry, winning several awards including Barron’s Best Product for Seniors and most recently, the Annuity Innovator of the Year award from EQDerivatives. For more information, visit

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