Batteries not included: EV fire has ruined insurance company’s video

Electric vehicles have suffered from a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and skepticism) that has been spread over the years by various interests that want to slow down the EV Revolution – but one of the biggest things is that EVs catch fire.

In fact, as I wrote in my article here, EV fires are rare: for every 100,000 new cars sold, fewer EVs burn than gasoline or hybrid vehicles.

However, insurance company AXA Switzerland recently accidentally tried to add to the “FUD” surrounding EV fires by creating a simulated EV accident (using a Tesla Model S) that shows the way a battery can be damaged and catch fire in such an event. (See the video Here).

However, there were several clues to the event: the battery was removed ‘for safety reasons’ (which means the car had to be towed by an ‘accident’), the real nature of the damage caused in the simulated damage was real. unable to break the battery pack and, to add insult to injury, pyrotechnics were used to create a headshot for a photo opportunity of a burning EV.

It seems that the PR department needed a good headline-making event to put AXA Switzerland in the news. As it turned out, AXA Switzerland ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With things like the open doors still in the air (which they could have done if the doors were removed), the rear bumper falling off for no apparent reason and invisible damage to the bottom of the car: it said. it won’t take long for their fakery to be exposed.

As a result, in a few days the video was released, AXA Switzerland he apologized who clearly stated that their goal was to “explain the danger” of a cell fire that can occur due to damage to the floor of an electric vehicle.

Unfortunately for AXA Switzerland, the video also shows the unnecessary damage caused to the bottom of the vehicle as a result of the crash – since EV batteries are designed to withstand the worst possible scenarios, AXA’s display at launch exacerbated the accident. from a dirty battery pack.

Fortunately, EV FUD like this is becoming more difficult to drive as people become more familiar and knowledgeable about EVs, so hopefully we’ll see fewer examples of EV FUD being accepted as ‘fact’ as people use their greater knowledge of EVs to filter. facts from Hollywood fiction.

As a final note (and I have to give credit to AXA Switzerland for quickly apologizing for the EV flash fire) – they still managed through their apology to improve a bit of EV FUD.

In this case, it was that EVs required more insurance premiums than ICE vehicles.

The apology contained these words: “…compared to drivers of electric cars, electric car owners are responsible for 50% more accidents that damage their car. It also shows that electric car drivers are more likely to damage their car or other cars”.

One could read that painting all EVs as equal risk for the best performers and charging higher insurance premiums accordingly.

Since ICE cars, car insurance premiums are much higher than normal cars, it seems that AXA Switzerland is trying to justify paying for all EVs (as some insurance companies do at the moment), instead of selling them separately high-performance Teslas, Porsches and some such as is done in the ICE car insurance market.

It seems we still have a way to go before all the EV urban legends are consigned to the dust.