Best car insurance for college students 2022

*These ratings are based on all of our research, but providers are ranked based on how they performed in our auto insurance study for college students. The price comparisons in this table and others are based on a driver’s history of 24 years, the youngest age for which data is available.

#1 State Farm: Most Popular Sponsor

Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​rating.: A+
AM Excellent economic power: A++
JD Power claims satisfaction: 892/1,000

With a market share of 15.9% according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), State Farm is the leading auto insurance company. The company excels especially when it comes to car insurance for college students.

State Farm offers several opportunities for students to save money, including student benefits and student discounts. The company also has two telematics programs, Steer Clear especially for new drivers. In addition to monitoring the vehicle’s performance, Steer Clear includes driving lessons and often results in lower prices after completion.

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#2 USAA: Low Prices for Military

BBB value: A+
AM Excellent economic power: A++
JD Power claims satisfaction: 909/1,000

USAA often offers the lowest rates on auto insurance, while college students often receive discounts. The company also gets a lot of information about the different courses of the insurance companies. Remember that USAA coverage is only available to military personnel, veterans and their families.

If you qualify, USAA is worth a look. In addition to high quality and affordable auto insurance coverage, college students may be able to qualify for multiple discounts to keep costs down. The company also has several special products and policies for military and family members that may be helpful.

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#3 Geico: Editor’s Choice

BBB value: A+
AM Excellent economic power: A++
JD Power claims satisfaction: 881/1,000

Geico won our Editor’s Choice award in our search for the best auto insurance companies for excellence. The company offers highly recommended service and affordable rates to a wide variety of drivers, including many college students.

Geico also offers several insurance options including higher limits that can be helpful for inexperienced drivers. Students who don’t use their car often while in college can also benefit from a company-owned car insurance policy.

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#4 Going Forward: Low Rates for Serious Drivers

BBB value: Unrated
AM Excellent economic power: A+
JD Power claims satisfaction: 862/1,000

Although the company offers reasonable rates to most drivers, Progressive has been working with high-risk drivers for years. With statistics placing college students among the most vulnerable groups, Progressive is worth considering.

The company offers both excellent student and long-distance discounts, as well as rare special discounts designed for young drivers. This can help bring down the cost of auto insurance from Progressive for young college students.

Keep in mind that Progressive has a low customer satisfaction rate because of how it handles claims. Our team reached out to Progressive for clarification on their demands but they did not respond.

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#5 Travelers: Lots of Choices

BBB value: A
AM Excellent economic power: A++
JD Power claims satisfaction: 871/1,000

Travelers is another great provider that offers reasonable rates on auto insurance for college students. College students can take advantage of many discounts to keep prices low in the end. In addition to student discounts, the company offers savings for completing defensive driving courses and insuring hybrid or electric vehicles. And, the company’s accident waiver program can prevent your premiums from going up after an accident.

Travelers receive the lowest ratings for their claims, receiving just 871 points out of 1,000 in the JD Power 2021 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study℠. We reached out to Travelers for comment on the move but did not receive a response.

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