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What Is the Best Pet Protection for a Traditional Pet?

Despite the exclusion of chronic diseases, there are also pet insurance providers that can provide medical care for your pet in the future.

Here, we’ll explore pet insurance policies that offer coverage for treatable conditions, eligibility requirements and additional features such as eligibility criteria, waiting periods and deductibles.

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Treatment Requirements: The coverage will cover a medical condition in which your pet is treated and symptom-free for one year from the date of the last symptom. Other diseases that seem to be curable include respiratory diseases, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, vomiting, diarrhea and others. Embracing does not affect the status quo. However, if a bilateral problem is found after the start, it will be covered.

In order for treatment to begin, Embrace requires that you visit a vet within the last 12 months prior to enrollment.

Endless Options: Embrace offers an accident and illness policy that covers vet expenses related to these unforeseen events. In addition, Embrace covers things like cancer, dental trauma, genetics, chronic diseases and more.

Embrace also offers a comprehensive wellness plan with three reimbursement options — $250, $450 or $650 — that cover routine services, including health exams, vaccinations, fleas, tick and worming, grooming, microchipping and more.

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Treatment Requirements: Spot will determine your pet’s medical status only if it has been cured without treatment or has been symptom-free for 180 days. Knee and ligament conditions are not included in this policy. If a knee or ligament problem occurs before registration or during pregnancy, future related issues will not be covered.

Although a vet exam is not required to start coverage, you must provide your pet’s medical records as part of the application.

Endless Options: With Spot, pet parents have the option of accident or accident-and-disease. A budget-friendly option, the comprehensive accident plan covers injuries including bites, broken bones, swallowed objects and poisoning. The accident and disease plan also covers medical treatment for health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, diseases, heart disease and more.

Spot offers highly flexible plans with multiple options for limits, deductibles and repayment terms. In addition, a preventive care supplement is offered for a $250 or $450 co-pay for care expenses. This includes vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures, dental cleanings and health exams.

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Treatment Requirements: Like Spot, the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy states that a condition is non-existent if it is treated, symptom-free and treatment-free for 180 days, with the exception of knees and tendons.

For example, if your cat is diagnosed with an ear infection before coverage begins, treatment for the infection will not be covered. However, if your cat gets an ear infection again 180 days or more after the first treatment, it is covered.

Endless Options: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also offers pet owners the option of choosing its own accident plan with a Complete Coverage plan, which can be compared to a popular accident and disease plan. While the only accident plan will cover accidental injuries, the Complete Coverage plan continues to cover illnesses, other conditions (such as hereditary, congenital or chronic), moral issues, non-emergency medical procedures and emergency care.

You can add a Basic or Prime Wellness supplement — up to $250 for Basic and $450 for Prime — for services like dental cleanings, regular health exams and vaccinations.

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Treatment Requirements: With Fetch, treatments that are about to be discontinued can be covered, as long as the signs or symptoms do not return within the first year after the effective date. You’ll also need a vet checkup to make sure the problem is no longer present, which can be done at an annual checkup.

Note: When registering for a policy with Fetch, if a veterinarian has not seen your pet within six months prior to registration, pet owners must complete a health exam within the first 30 days of their policy.

Endless Options: Fetch by The Dodo provides pet owners with a one-stop solution for accidents and illnesses in the treatment of illnesses and injuries such as surgery, medications, infections and hospitalizations. In addition, the plan also covers fees for outpatient exams, behavioral therapy, medical procedures and dental/injury coverage in its plans – things that are not usually covered in regular plans from other providers.

Fetch also offers customers the opportunity to customize their plans with a variety of discount options, annual limits and repayment rates.

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Treatment Requirements: According to Figo, a treatable condition is a one-time condition, such as an ear infection or stomachache, that has gone 12 months without signs or symptoms.

Where Figo differs from other providers on this list is that it cannot guarantee 100% that medical treatment will be covered after 12 months. Figo’s claims specialists will review the medical records and vet records provided with your claim to determine if the condition is eligible for coverage.

Endless Options: Figo has three categories related to accidents and illnesses: Essential ($5,000 annual limit), Preferred ($10,000 annual limit) and Unlimited (no annual limit). Each of these plans covers expenses related to emergency care, medical tests, surgery and other treatment for unexpected illnesses and injuries. Health care supplements are also available in some states, which reimburse you for routine care such as exams, vaccinations and dental care.

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Best Pets

Treatment Requirements: Unlike other providers, Pets Best does not have a time limit on treatments. Once the condition is resolved and you no longer require further treatment, Pets Best no longer considers it to have existed before, and can be investigated in the future if it reoccurs.

Like Figo, Best Pets cannot guarantee that any existing treatments will be covered until they receive and review your pet’s medical history and records from your veterinarian. This is because some treatable diseases can become chronic or be a symptom of a serious medical problem.

For example, a urinary tract infection can be a one-time condition, but it can also be a symptom of diabetes. If your vet finds out that it is the latter, Pets Best will consider it a pre-existing condition and your claim in this case may not be eligible for treatment.

Endless Options: Pets Best has several accident-and-sickness and emergency coverage options. Its risk-and-disease coverage, called the BestBenefit plan, is available in three levels. Everything covers treatment and procedures for illnesses and injuries, emergency care, specialist visits, and genetics and genetics.

The accident policy only covers broken bones, bites, swallowed objects and injuries caused by being hit by a moving vehicle. Pets Best also offers regular services at two levels, which include other preventative services such as exams, spay/neuter surgery, fleas, tick and heartworm prevention, microchipping and more.

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Compare the Best Pet Insurance Providers for Old Conditions

When considering the pros and cons of each provider, keep your monthly budget in mind. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you may want to consider service providers such as Place which allows pet owners to customize their deductibles, annual limits and repayment rates, as these will directly affect their monthly payments.

In addition, you may want to consider providers that offer health care services, as regular checkups are a great way to stay up to date on what’s going on.

Below, we’ve compared the best pet insurance providers in the past based on cost, waiting times and discounts.