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The ten most read articles on, week ending August 14, 2022:

  1. Energy is King, as reinsurance becomes more valuable: Aon
    When reinsurance power is absent, or in short supply, as we have seen in Florida and in the mid-year renewals, power is “King” and those who have it are arguably the most popular.
  2. AIG to establish a new third-party structure for HNW business: CEO
    American International Group (AIG) is looking to manage its trust and access to investment funds for the purchase of high-value assets, and plans to implement a new third-party support system to facilitate the transition to cat-showing asset records to the illegal market.
  3. To see the prices of disaster, multiplier & spread
    In recent months, if you are interested in insurance-linked securities (ILS) or trading in the ILS market, you would not have missed the most talked-about news about the spread seen in disaster states, or the tightening of insurance rates and trends. passes to ILS rates and returns.
  4. Florida residents have surpassed 1 million insureds for the second time
    The remaining insurance market in Florida, or the last insurer, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, has now passed more than 1 million policies, the first time it has been shown, in terms of the number of policies, since 2013.
  5. Hurricane forecasts for 2022 have been released by TSR
    Tropical Storm Risk, one of the insurance and insurance companies that have watched weather forecasting groups, has now dropped its forecast for the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, becoming the third forecaster to do so.
  6. The Florida reinsurance market is still poorly priced: Swiss Re’s leadership
    The global reinsurance giant Swiss Re continues to have a moderate view of the Florida market, thinking that rates remain very low and that government intervention is not helping, when what is important is price transparency, the management of the company recently explained.
  7. HCI to launch new Florida carriers to take advantage of market disruption: CEO
    HCI Group, Inc., a Florida-based property and casualty insurer and parent of Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company and insurtech TypTap, sees an opportunity to expand the Florida market for its own business, CEO Paresh Patel said.
  8. Time to take advantage of tough markets: CEO of Munich Re
    Munich Re has highlighted strong growth and its CEO has set an expansion plan, while markets are growing.
  9. A flexible acquisition by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance has been confirmed
    Rumors of acquiring the hybrid P&C program, the lead and risk management company of Transverse Insurance Group by MS&AD Holdings, through its Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance division have now been confirmed.
  10. Weston’s property is insolvent, reinsurance has not been completed
    Weston Property & Casualty has now been put into receivership due to insolvency and winding up of the company.

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