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The ten most read articles on, the week ending August 28, 2022:

  1. Hurricane Ida wipes out another Citizens’ cat deal in Louisiana
    Additional damage from Hurricane Ida in 2021 has now affected another portion of Louisiana Citizens’ disaster relief, with a $50 million Class B note for the remaining insurance company Pelican IV Re Ltd. (Series 2021-1) cats have been installed. pay all their premiums in reinsurance recovery.
  2. Problems of man-made property insurance on the coast: a report
    US coastal states such as Florida, California, and Louisiana are experiencing a growing home insurance crisis driven by man-made events, highlighting the need for capital insurance to take on more risk as carriers move into testing areas.
  3. The lines between third party and traditional capital re/insurance continue to blur
    The lines between third-party capital, which is provided by investors and often structured as insurance-linked securities (ILS), and traditional insurance and capital insurance capital, continue to blur.
  4. Plenum wants to be transparent in establishing the Indices of the UCITS cat bond fund
    Plenum Investments, the Zurich-based specialist and insurance-related investment manager (ILS), has released a new market research and Index family, which will make UCITS funds comparable for the first time, and improve the visibility of the cat. bond market.
  5. Accelerant launches $175m Flywheel Re reinsurance sidecar
    Accelerant, an insurtech that aims to help its members exchange and manage risk effectively and connect them to long-term capital, has launched a $175 million sidecar called Flywheel Re.
  6. Reinsurance – Defensiveness, and the drying cycle: Goldman Sachs
    Equity analysts from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, perhaps unwittingly, have proposed insurance-linked securities (ILS) in their latest report on the global reinsurance market, which they appreciate for its defensive security and the fact that it has the best results. for now.
  7. United (UPC) is placing the carrier at the final event
    United Insurance Holdings Corp. (UPC Insurance) has announced plans for its subsidiary United Property & Casualty Insurance Company (United P&C) to cease operations and enter into an organized merger.
  8. The era of disaster-focused lenders may be over: AM Best
    The era of high-risk breeders appears to be over, rating agency AM Best announced today, as the pullback continues in some areas, while increasing business among former US and Bermuda cat experts. companies.
  9. Citizens may increase as business market appetite wanes in Florida: ALIRT
    The remaining insurance market in Florida, or the last insurer, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, may return to the reputation and managed policies, if the “significant disruption” of the Florida property insurance market continues and the desire of the private market to be at risk. there are leftovers.
  10. The Catastrophe Bond market is at the next stage of growth: Swiss Re
    The increasing number of new releases in the disaster hole is expected to continue, with the positive growth of the cat market expected as a result, according to Swiss Re Capital Markets.

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