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The ten most read articles on, week ending July 24, 2022:

  1. Demotech warns 17 Florida carriers about downloads, state administration responds
    Rating agency Demotech has warned an additional 17 property insurance carriers in Florida that their ratings will be downgraded on July 26, a move that has already prompted criticism from the Florida State Insurance Commissioner and CFO.
  2. In January 2023, they will revise the “essential test” of property disaster protection
    The next major group of insurance reforms, on January 2023, is set to be an important test for the market of the day of protection, explaining whether we are really in a difficult market, according to the experts of JMP Securities.
  3. No capital investment is immune while Florida’s stock market remains free: ALIRT
    Recent changes in the quality of Florida’s property insurance players, as well as continued failures and problems with other carriers, show that “no financial system is immune” in this market, which according to ALIRT Insurance Research continues to be free. to fall.
  4. Climate change challenges to support reinsurance rates: Goldman Sachs
    Equity analysts at investment bank Goldman Sachs believe that concerns about climate change and its impact on climate-related disasters are expected to support future renewables prices.
  5. The Rhine falls in the heat wave, which gives rise to parametric triggers
    The water level in the Rhine River in Germany has fallen to the point where shipping and delivery companies, as well as those looking to sell and receive goods using the water system, predict that the levels will decrease close to where we understand that insurance triggers have been established. .
  6. Florida: No one can think of reinsurance (brokers)
    It is better not to think about the impact of the reinsurance market, how it can motivate the carriers and the problems that it also causes for reinsurance brokers.
  7. The Caribbean regional cat union has been organized with the support of the World Bank
    Efforts are underway to create a risk-averse partnership in the Caribbean with the support of the World Bank, four countries are currently involved and four more are considering joining.
  8. Global insurance catastrophe losses exceed avg at $39bn in H1 2022: Aon
    The insurance and insurance companies experienced the most risks worldwide in the first half of 2022, which reached $ 39 billion, about 18% more than the average, according to research from Aon.
  9. Australia’s Super Fund test may limit ILS investment
    The government launched a trial of Australian superannuation funds, so pensions and superannuation houses, could have the effect of investing in asset classes such as insurance-linked bonds (ILS) at a critical level, research shows.
  10. K2 sees good mid-year ILS, now “heavyweight” retro
    Mid-year restructuring and disaster relief efforts saw the market improve according to hedge fund analyst K2 Advisors, which has revised its outlook to “overweight” on the investment, based on current trends.

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