Broker profile: ‘good advice is very important’ – The Broker 4 – Insurance News

Sydney-based Scott & Broad MD Andrew Miller made an unexpected move from the UK to Australia, and 20 years later he is supporting security for some of Australia’s largest market clients.

What is your work trip like?

I was packing in Australia, then in Thailand on my way back to the UK when I met my wife who was on holiday there. Since he was in Sydney, I decided to return to Australia and have now lived here for 20 years.

I held a position at CGU in their debt settlement area and then moved into the broker’s development division. I started doing business with them 10 years ago. Scott & Broad was one of the businesses I supported and always admired for their reputation, integrity, great team and culture. So, when they asked me if I would consider a role as an account manager I jumped at the chance. It wasn’t something I thought about at the time, but I was still excited to take on this new challenge.

I am now a shareholder and MD here at Scott & Broad. Together with Mark Elphick, CEO, we now run the business with a team of 25 people.

The Covid-19 shutdown was a difficult time. We are important if our customers can stay in business, so it was an uncomfortable time not knowing how long the pandemic would last and how many businesses would survive.

Fortunately, most of our customers have passed, although some have had to change the way they work. Our mission has been to help our clients during these uncertain times not only by changing their insurance needs but often by providing moral support or a shoulder to lean on.

At the same time, running a business through the pandemic has been difficult. Our overall priority was to maintain high standards of service for our customers and continue to provide a safe business environment for our employees.

Who are your customers and how do you work?

Licensed clubs and car dealerships are our main focus and we have real expertise in these two industries. We also have a direct loan financing service that helps thousands of businesses in Australia get a special loan at an affordable price.

I manage the insurance of many licensed clubs, such as RSL clubs, sports clubs, bowling clubs. I also manage a large portfolio of corporate / mid-market clients across a variety of industries.

Our business prides itself on providing quality advice and service. Pricing is important, however the main goal is to provide the right protection to the customer. How do we do this? We listen and ask questions to better understand our client’s business. Only then can we advise and make up our own minds.

How is the insurance market?

Every provider has the same problem with insurance: high costs, low power, insurance problems and conditions, floods, bushfires.

It is a very difficult environment for a broker to work in, however we see this as a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of providing good advice. Although we may not always be able to provide the client with the information they want to hear, we will always do so in a timely manner that allows the client to better understand the information and consider what we have to offer. Insurance premiums for many businesses are one of the biggest drains on their P&L so allowing the customer time to think and ask questions is important.

When you take the time to explain the situation and the options available then we feel that paying the insurance premiums is much less expensive for the customer to purchase. If they understand the importance of an insurance contract, and how it can protect them, their families and their businesses, then they will respect the advice they give and the money they make. self defense.

We offer a complaint handling service and our team prides itself on being prompt throughout the complaint process. It is at this point that we can make a difference that is often the most difficult for any customer.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I ski and snowboard as much as I can. That’s my love in the winter, and then outside of that, I do a lot of mountain biking, both fast and fun. There is nothing I love more than being on the road in the middle of a lot, this is the time for my health.