Can This Company’s Technology Help Businesses Reduce Insurance Premiums for Alcohol-Related Injuries?

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Workers who report working with alcohol in their systems can sometimes be a danger to themselves, their colleagues, and their employers.

Research has shown that alcohol and drugs affect vision, speech, coordination, speed, and all jobswhich can endanger the safety of many people when working with machines or driving a car.

Excessive alcohol consumption it contributes to more than 95,000 deaths in the United States each year. Alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity cost American employers and insurers $63 billion annually.

In an effort to reduce death and economic losses, companies have introduced random testing of alcohol and drugs in the workplace to reduce accidents and injuries.

Just as employers try to honor their responsibility to ensure their workplaces are safe, accidents happen. When accidents occur, workers’ compensation insurance ensures that injured workers receive medical care and compensation, which often protects employers from lawsuits. However, one claim for an employee’s fatal injury can devastate many small businesses.

Businesses are turning to innovation from companies like The opinion of the company Honeywell International Inc. HON, Company opinion Drägerwerk AG & Co. THROUGH, SOBR safe GOODand Abbott Laboratories ABTwho are advancing research and development in the field of alcohol and drug testing.

SOBR safefor example, he has been working to find new ways to regulate alcohol to help reduce the high cost of insurance premiums hanging like an albatross around the neck of the industry.

The company wants to create an alcohol-free environment to increase productivity and save lives. SOBRsafe says it is helping to end alcohol-related accidents by identifying preventative measures, with the aim of creating a safer world.

The company has launched its first device – the patent-pending, proprietary SOBRcheck ™ device, a non-invasive, identity verification and alcohol detection system.

SOBRcheck ™ Items

SOBRcheck ™ is designed to give employers control over their workforce and people’s safety, while eliminating drag on the floor. The tool contains:

  • Transdermal sensors: Alcohol detection with an efficient, non-intrusive “go/no go” workflow provides results in seconds.
  • Biometric Identification: The results of the alcohol scan are tied to an ID compatible with privacy, preventing tampering and increasing security.
  • Real time management: Sending wireless business transactions to a central dashboard enables quick action.
  • Future predictions: The collection of data helps to reduce risk, reducing the cost of insurance.
  • Ways to protect yourself: SOBRsafe leads the way in risk, helping to eliminate alcohol at the bar or behind the wheel.

SOBRcheck can help ensure employee safety, providing instant peace of mind with just the touch of a finger. The solution handles a variety of security management tasks, including advanced site testing, high-risk applications, and daily simulation monitoring. Using SOBRcheck also has the potential to help businesses reduce insurance costs.

Customer Value

SOBRsafe has signed a software as a service (SaaS) agreement with Continental services. As the largest food service company in Michigan, Continental has more than 1,800 employees in 6 locations (including locations in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania), and its fleet serves more than 700 customers.

Continental previously held a pilot trial of the SOBRsafe alcohol monitoring technology; the test confirmed the system for recruiting employees, the ease of daily use and its cloud-based reports, and Continental collected anonymous data as a basis for analyzing the performance of the business.

As stated by Continental CEO Matt Hubbard, “SOBRsafe gives us a way to recognize the efforts of our team. It is a good way to solve our existing alcohol policy, and complement our existing safe services. SOBRsafe supports our mission of providing a safe and secure environment. In addition then, through this plan we have found the money to pay our insurance while protecting ourselves from future debts.”

Read more about how SOBRsafe technology can help businesses achieve safer workplaces, and lower insurance costs, at www.sobrsafe.comor contact

This article contains advertising content. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be financial advice.