Car Insurance Explained in Plain English

For most of us, the thing that we drive to work and school every day is only 4 wheels, a stereo and a way from A to B. But making sure that the metal monster protects you from the charges that may exist after the mistake. accident, there is a lot to know and understand about auto insurance. We’re breaking it all down for you here to help make the topic less boring and confusing.

Of course, the information listed below are general terms and conditions and not legal representations or warranties. Your goal is to get as much insurance protection as possible to fit your budget. The lowest price is not always the best policy because it can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket and once the insurance money is gone, that’s when people start suing each other. As evidenced by the fact that you can’t drive 5 miles in LA without seeing an accident representative sign.

Fortunately even if you think there is no shortage of car insurance companies out there, they all offer the same options in California which makes comparing prices or shopping around very easy. Every time you get a car registration be sure to write it down so you can compare it to your current policy and mileage.

Physical Injury: Paying for other injured people if you are responsible (at fault) for the accident. The state minimum is $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident but you should raise this to protect yourself. It’s not enough to cover and when you think, go ahead and sue me, I’m broke. The truth of the matter is that any legal issues you face are stressful and time-consuming, so any time your insurance company can pay and settle things, it’s money well spent! The maximum bodily injury coverage is $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident with several options between low and high.

Property Damage: This is the property damage that you have caused in an accident and will pay for the car or house that you are damaging. This is not for your car. Your vehicle is protected by comprehensive and collision coverage, if you choose to add to your policy. Considering the number of expensive vehicles on the road and the possibility of multi-vehicle accidents, the minimum $10,000 State compensation for property damage should be raised significantly. The maximum amount offered is usually $250,000.

Uninsured Motorist Bolily Injured: This protects you and your passengers from bodily injury if you are hit by an uninsured motorist but it also applies to an uninsured motorist who is at fault, has insurance, but has less coverage than your policy. In this case, for covered purposes, your company collects as much as possible from the other company, and pays you less than your current limit. The maximum is $250,000 per person/$500,000 per accident.

Uninsured Property Damage / Collision Deductible Waiver: If your car does not have collision protection, this will pay for damages to your car (up to $3,500) if there is proof that the accident was caused by an uninsured driver. Hit and run won’t work like this unless they catch the person. If you have a collision with the car the property damage item does not work however it will turn into a Collision Deductible Waiver which can reduce your collision at the same time of a non-fault accident so sometimes you don’t have to pay your premiums. deductible insurance.

Hospital Fees: It pays Medical and Funeral Expenses for every person in your vehicle regardless of fault, if the injury is not covered by other means (other insurance carriers, your health insurance company etc.). Sometimes you will need to pay medical bills and wait for reimbursement. Most policies provide up to $5,000 or $10,000 per person. As a regular payment, it is important to add and maintain medical coverage for any car policy, even if you have good insurance.

Fits & Hits: Collision coverage pays up to the fair market value of your vehicle in a collision, regardless of who is at fault, when your coverage is met. Comprehensive covers you against things like vandalism and theft. Also glass damage such as hitting a rock and breaking your windshield while driving. Deductibles range from $50 to $2500. Although a higher deductible will lower your rate, it doesn’t always save you a lot of money so don’t think that a higher deductible is better because this can cause financial problems for you. As cars get older you may want to remove all the bumps and bruises from your car. This is called “Liability Only” and when the money is good, you are giving up all the protection of your car!

Car Rental: They pay for the rental car because of the interest that is covered while your car is being repaired. $30-$100 per day, up to 30 days. Rental cars are available with Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Since it’s hard to find a car these days for $30 a day we highly recommend staying on top of this show with at least $50 a day for a rental car.

Traction & Disability: As with AAA, your provider offers 24-7 roadside assistance when you add this, up to your limit, which is usually available for different coverages. Whatever level you choose you will find that the prices are very low. So much so that many customers end up canceling AAA instead of car insurance on the road but of course being AAA has some advantages. Also sometimes it’s just fun to say AAA. Or the word pickle. Or events. Sorry, we’re getting off topic.

Insurance in a nutshell:

With auto insurance, higher monthly premiums on your policy always get you more money and legal protection. Please don’t skimp and save too much or things could be worthless if you find yourself in a lawsuit one day due to an at-fault accident. Let’s agree. People love being a lawyer! It’s sad but true, and insurance is your peace of mind. Make sure you know what you have in your car policy, what you don’t have, and what it means so you can avoid surprises one day if the unexpected happens. This is especially true if you are a driver on someone else’s policy. Know your notes! Also be sure to keep your ID card in your glove box at all times and have your ID reviewed once a year by an insurance professional. The best time is any time to update the schedule.

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