Case study: The Sapiens alliance expands the number of giant platforms

“It means serving the insurance industry, from everything related to policy management, claims management and everything in between,” said Maarten Dauwe (pictured above), director of medical policy at P/C North America at Sapiens.

Combining multiple services is good for both users and companies, Dauwe noted.

“It will attract users of the system to be able to do all the work at their fingertips, to see everything they need to know” in one place, he said.

In addition, he said, the integration of several services on the platform increases the demand for efficiency from the companies and the customers who serve them.

“We see this happening more and more going forward,” Dauwe said. “When we want to work with insurance companies… [and] we don’t want to wait five days to get insurance. We don’t want to have a hard time. We want everything to be simple… and that’s what we’re going for with this. “…

Technology pieces

CoreSuite for P&C relies in part on the cloud, with machine learning, and AI-powered algorithms that help drive innovation and prediction. Dauwe added that there are also tools that support oil users, which help users to better understand what Sapiens has to offer.

APIs are also an important factor.

“APIs are the place that brings everything together,” Dauwe said. “This is how … our main solution communicates to the whole environment as it goes, or to our partners, or any external solution or product.”

APIs are important when Sapiens integrates its platform with a partner. Those APIs help manage and bring new technologies that are being developed as separate products that can be brought to the entire platform as an additional offering.

This is what Sapiens is playing for in the recently announced partnership with Intellagents, a no-code, hybrid cloud, independent insurance marketplace launched in 2019. The partnership expands the Sapiens CoreSuite for P&C and connects agents and insurers to a new digital marketplace. and insurtech products and services, AI providers and more. Specifically, the Intellagents platform will integrate with CoreSuite to provide customers with a large data marketplace on a single adapter, making the creation of new integration solutions unnecessary.


Sapiens teams and partners start with a careful discussion, according to Amanda Ingram (pictured below), the company’s opinion, environmental manager and cooperation.

“The first thing is to understand what they’re trying to achieve, so when they come to us to talk about our platform, they need an end-to-end insurance solution that they need to run their business to get it done,” said Ingram. . [addressing] the need to be able to use data from external sources, and to use algorithms, intelligence, learning capabilities – all the advantages that the Intellagents platform brings in one API. “

This equates to integrating the integration point into a single integration point in a simple and easy way through an API, he said.

Sapiens is integrating Intellagents’ technology into its CoreSuite platform so customers who log into the core platform can use all of the information related to Intellagent when they log in, Ingram said.

It is easy to integrate the Sapiens platform with customers, thanks to its presence in the cloud. Users get access and have a username/password. They log in and get a user interface that gives them the functionality and ability to do new business, approve policies, manage forecasts and manage records and documents, Ingram said.

Integrating a partner such as Intellagents can take hours or weeks, depending on the technical difficulties with a given partner. A more complex counterpart where workflows with multiple steps can take weeks, said Dauwe.