Centene Health Insurance Review

The following are available at Cetene:

• Medicaid

• Medicare Supplemental Insurance

• Supplements to Medicare

• People with disabilities

• Medicare-Medicaid Program (MMP)

Health Insurance Market: Plans are designed to be affordable, with more options for low-income people and families who don’t qualify for Medicaid or other government-subsidized services.

Federal Services: The Federal Services division of Centene Corporation provides federal employees and beneficiaries with high-quality, managed health care plans and quality services.

Health management: Cetene’s subsidiary, Centurion, a national provider of medical and labor services to regulatory systems and other government agencies, provides medical and labor services to regulatory systems.

Cetene has a variety of Medicare Advantage programs. Dental, vision, hearing, specialty medicine and nurse advice and practice services are offered through its subsidiary, Envolve. State-to-state differences exist in terms of plan availability, policy options and pricing. We’ve found examples of these plans along with copays available on the website. Plan availability and pricing will vary by state.

Fix it Covers In-Network Copay
PPO (PPO) Dental, hearing, vision, RX Doctor’s Visits-$0 Emergency Care-$120 Specialty Doctor Visits-20% Out-of-Pocket Excess-$2,900
Ascension Complete (HMO) Dental, Vision, RX Doctor’s Visits-$0Urgent Care-$120Specialties-$50Maximum In-Network Out-of-pocket-$2,900
Hypersensitivity (HMO D-SNP) Dental, Hearing, Vision, RX Doctor Visits-$0Urgent Care-$0Doctor Specialty Visit–$0Maximum In-Network Out-of-pocket-$3,450
Wellcare Dual Access (HMO D-SNP) Dental, Hearing, Vision, RX Doctor Visits-$0Urgent Care-$0Doctor Specialty Visit–$0Maximum In-Network Out-of-pocket-$3,450
Wellcare Dual Access Open (PPO D-SNP) Dental, Hearing, Vision, RX Doctor Visits-$0Urgent Care-$0Doctor Specialty Visit–$0Maximum Out-of-pocket-$3,450 In-Network, $5,100 In-Network
Wellcare No Premium (HMO) Dental, Hearing, Vision, RX Doctor Visits-$0 Emergency Care-$90 Specialty Doctor Visits-$25 Maximum In-Network: Out-of-pocket-$4,900

Cetene Corporation has an “A-” rating by the Better Business Bureau with 1.11 out of 5-star customer reviews. Cetene Corporation is not rated by AM Best. However, of the companies Cetene Corp. written by the NAIC, there were no complaints filed. JD Power gave Wellmark, a subsidiary of Cetene, a 714 out of 1,000 overall customer rating and Moody’s rated Cetene, BA1 with a stable outlook. Overall, customer reviews of Cetene are mixed.

BBB value A-
AM Best Rating N/A
NAIC Complaints Index N/A
Moody’s opinion BA1 with standard features
The power of JD 714 out of 1,000

Finding a voice through Cetene is not difficult. You enter your location and zip code, and then you can get started. You will see a list of plans available in your area and an opportunity to apply for coverage. To join the plan, you must be a US citizen. Cetene has many mobile apps available for iPad and iPhone members depending on your company and location.

Centene vs. Competitors

Cetene has different types of health insurance, as well as different payment methods and more. Here’s how Cetene compares to other health insurance companies.

Benzinga gave Cetene an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Its main strengths lie in its plan offerings, the number of countries it covers and its offline fees.

Cetene is one of the largest publicly funded health insurance companies in the country. It recently merged with WellCare and now serves more than 23 million members in all 50 states. Cetene is now the largest publicly funded health care provider.

Cetene offers Medicaid, Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Health Insurance Marketplace Plans. It also helps government agencies and prisons. Cetene also manages dental, vision and drug benefits for policyholders.

Cetene Corporation is the best way to find affordable government-sponsored health insurance or health insurance. Cetene has received positive reviews for her legal decisions and her overall wellness approach.

Overall, Cetene has a wide variety of health insurance plans, as well as many pricing options and benefits, making it a great choice for health care providers for federal employees and Medicaid/Medicare recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of plans are available through the Health Insurance Marketplace?


The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to provide affordable, comprehensive health plans to individuals and families who cannot access Medicaid or other public health insurance.


Are Ambetter, Cetene and Wellcare all the same company?


Ambetter and Wellcare are subsidiaries of Centene Corporation. Each state has different Ambetter health insurance market options, including Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). Centene and Wellcare Health Plans serve Medicaid and Medicare patients nationwide.