Charlie Crist: Ron DeSantis is Florida’s worst insurance Governor

US Rep. Charlie Crist says Gov. Ron DeSantis it is in a property insurance fund and is ignoring the coming market crash.

The Democratic representative called on DeSantis to allow any homeowner who loses coverage and cannot find another way to qualify for the last home insurance agency, Citizens, at the same rate for the next 12 months. With the threat of insurers becoming insolvent, and a large group of policymakers looking to downsize, at least 1 million Floridians could lose their property insurance at the height of the hurricane.

“Ron DeSantis has been the worst governor in Florida history for property insurance,” Crist said in a statement Tuesday.

“After taking millions of dollars from the insurance industry, he ignored the storm that started in the market because he was too busy fighting the culture wars and running for president. DeSantis’ upcoming bankruptcy could be one of the biggest disruptions in the market, a tragedy for the more than 1 million Floridians who could lose their insurance. during hurricane season. Florida Democrats should be elected who have a record of fighting for insurance to protect Florida homeowners.”

One rating company, Demotech, is expected to download 17 of Florida’s largest insurance brokers. The downloads were supposed to happen on Tuesday, but Demotech delayed updating the ratings on Monday, saying “various events.”

DeSantis called the Legislature into Special Session in May to stop the defunding, banning and rate hikes. The the law went into effect immediately and his signature, but the effects of these changes will not be seen for more than a year, especially while the law is working its way through the courts.

As part of his gubernatorial campaign, Crist released his 2007 to 2011 term as Governor, which he began as a Republican. Crist says he set the market and lowered prices by 10%.

However, his opponent in the Democratic Primary, Agriculture Commissioner Fried Nikkisays Crist helped make Florida’s insurance market what it is today.

At the time of Democratic gubernatorial debate On Thursday, Fried did not give Crist a pass on the number of law enforcement officers who have citizenship despite the deep recession that has affected much of his tenure. He also filed a lawsuit against the Trial Bar for insurance companies or Floridians.

“By using the market, he made sure that we have problems today. The policies that he implemented when he was Governor are the reason why we have an insurance problem here today,” said Fried.

Crist issued his invitation for DeSantis to attend a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Joining him was former Democratic Rep. Sean Shawa former insurance consumer advocate.

“As a trial lawyer, I have sued property insurance companies on behalf of homeowners who have defrauded them. The only person I have seen represent the insurance companies is Charlie Crist,” said Shaw, who was also the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in 2018. “When State Farm threatened to pull out of the state if they couldn’t come up. Charlie said, ‘Well, you charge too much,’ and that’s when I knew Charlie was the fighter we needed on this.

“These are things that affect people’s ability to own a home, have a home, and feel safe now that hurricane season is coming, and Gov. DeSantis wants to talk about anything but this issue,” he continued. “Charlie Crist was the best Governor I’ve ever seen for home insurance consumers, and that’s why I’m here today supporting him as the next Governor of Florida.”

As a Congressman, Crist introduced the FAITH Act, an anti-terrorism law that has been called a “big, fast, fast, market.”

Crist is the current frontrunner in the Democratic Primary. He has consistently led Fried in polling and fundraising. However, both fall short of DeSantis’ current numbers.

The primary will be held on Aug. 23, and the General Election is scheduled for Nov. 8.

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