Clyde & Co introduces cyber risk offerings

The One network is led by three Clyde & Co partners specializing in cyber risk, liability and litigation: Helen Bourne (pictured above left) and Ian Birdsey (pictured above), both based in the UK, and John Moran (pictured above right) . ), resident of Australia. They are supported by over 40 Clyde & Co partners and their teams around the world, who have combined expertise to manage over 4,000 online transactions.

The One network will be available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week via international phone lines and email.

“Clyde & Co has built a global team of cyber experts over the years,” said Bourne. “Businesses in every country are facing an ever-increasing threat of cybercriminals, and we wanted to combine our global expertise to find a solution that would meet the needs and demands of our customers.

“This has led us to create the concept of One as a complete cyber solution led by expert lawyers and with the help of several trusted sales professionals – a single phone that will provide access to various technical experts wherever they may be. global needs. Establishing One, and making the solution available easily, it’s an exciting opportunity for us to help clients solve the challenges their business is facing.”

“Combating cyber threats is not just a technical challenge,” said Birdsey. “Legal issues are at the center of this and should trigger a response. Today’s cyber attacks are very different from five years ago. Just as corporations have learned how to respond, criminals have also learned to stay ahead of the game.

“Their attacks have become increasingly complex and vicious. We have also seen cybercrime develop into one of the most complex areas of international law. We only need to look at the rise of class actions such as those already brought against Google, TikTok and Facebook. Legal technology is compatible with the management of Internet events, which is why Clyde & Co, a global integrated law firm, is the first link to solve these problems for clients.”

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“Today, there is a clear market place for a lawyer to respond to cyber threats,” Moran said. “Because of the complexity of the matter, their different jurisdictions, the impact of the data, the possibility of the administration of the administration, the administration of the administration of the administration of the administration kake. The last thing a business needs is to be dealing with a cyber breach while trying to run its day-to-day business.”

The One program is designed to support the entire cyber life by helping customers strengthen their cyber capabilities and providing comprehensive support to organizations facing cyber threats. It will work directly with companies or through insurers.

One will work with clients in three key areas:

  • Improving organizational resilience is the ability to stop cyber threats before they happen
  • Responding to cyber incidents
  • Helping businesses recover from cyber incidents, which may include legal requirements

Services offered under the One program include:

  • Data entry and controls, data risk register, and digital risk analysis Business continuity planning
  • Cyber ​​operations response efforts
  • Complete management of incident response, team building and supplier coordination
  • Forensic Review
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Third party claims, lawsuits, class actions and regulatory investigations
  • Post-event packages including review, maintenance, and development of new systems and processes
  • Privacy compliance reviews, policy reviews and privacy audits
  • Answer to the guiding questions
  • Action for recovery against third parties
  • Administrative investigation
  • Risk, data risk assessment and root cause analysis after a breach

Network One will operate from over 60 Clyde & Co offices around the world.