Credit Card Travel Protection vs. Comprehensive Travel Insurance

InsureMyTrip researchers say that travel insurance benefits offered through credit cards do not offer strong protection against trip cancellations.

WARWICK, PA, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to researchers a InsureMyTrip.comThe travel insurance benefits offered through other credit cards vary widely and may not provide the full coverage that travelers expect or need.

InsureMyTrip researchers reviewed more than 100 cards. While most cards offer travel insurance, few offer medical emergencies, comprehensive travel cancellation protection or coverage for emergencies like hurricanes.

InsureMyTrip Travel Insurance Expert Meghan Walch answers the most frequently asked questions about credit cards and travel insurance:

Question: How do you know if a credit card has travel insurance?

Walsh: Most travelers will assume that travel protection is included with their credit card benefits. However, many do not – or offer only limited support. It’s a good idea to contact the card company directly before booking and ask questions such as:

  • Does my credit card offer trip cancellation protection?
  • What is my cashback limit?
  • What are the reasons, restrictions, limitations, and exclusions?
  • How do I write?

Q: What are the benefits of travel insurance offered through a credit card?

Walsh: Travel insurance benefits can vary, but we’ve found that some credit cards offer travel cancellation, or baggage loss/damage coverage. Although, credit card users may find it difficult to monitor the amount or extent of the spread.

A number of premium cards may advertise a “Cancellation for Any Reason” return program. In most cases, it is non-refundable flights that are paid for and if the flights were paid for by credit card.

Q: Why should a traveler consider third party policies even if travel insurance is provided through a credit card company?

Walsh: What your credit card can offer others protection, will not provide the same amount that can be obtained from traditional travel insurance.

InsureMyTrip travel insurance can cover the full cost of a trip that has not already been paid for. Major benefits such as medical, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage allowance, and 24/7 emergency assistance are also available.

Also, the “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) coverage, which is offered as a purchase on traditional travel insurance, covers more than the CFAR benefit offered through a credit card. Carriers often require CFAR buyers to provide pre-paid insurance for the full cost of non-refundable travel, not just the airfare. (See below for more information on CFAR)

Travelers who need additional assistance in evaluating their travel insurance options can contact a travel insurance agent for assistance.

Cancel For Any Reason:

Any Cause Cancellation (also known as: CFAR) is an optional upgrade. The CFAR provides flexibility for most travel restrictions and is the only option that can cover the fear of travel due to Covid-19. All documents will be written in the government policy. If the conditions are met, the refund is usually 50% – 75% of the pre-paid trip price with non-refundable insurance if all the requirements are met (available in most countries).

Note: Coverage is controlled by the actual plan certificate. Regular travel insurance does not cover travel cancellations due to fear of travel, whether it’s COVID-19 or not. Banning for Any Reason is important.


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