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‘Blowing down’: Florida’s homeowner’s insurance crisis is getting worse

A fall Florida home owners insurance market may not be stable anytime soon. Thousands of homeowners across the country are at risk of losing their insurance, as many regional carriers face rate cuts that could see the companies financially unstable and unable to make full payments. This is because insurers are bleeding, mainly due to fraudulent coverage, high replacement costs and limited regulatory oversight. More from Insurance News Net and TC Palm.

Florida to receive $70 million in transportation funding this year

Florida will receive $70 million this fiscal year to address climate change issues in transportation and evacuation systems as part of a new federal program. In total, the program could send $364 million to the state over five years. The Federal Highway Administration on Friday announced the funding, as part of its $7.3 billion Promotion of Sustainable, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Projects, or PROTECT, program. [Source: News Service of Florida]

The new space race has promise, but environmental risks, too

As the commercial business booms, many countries are scrambling to acquire space for satellites and other assets, hoping to find a new way to make money. But even as “spaceport” ideas are proliferating from Georgia to Maine to Michigan — far from the established sites in California and Florida— they are pushing back over fears they could harm habitat, public safety and drinking water. [Source: Washington Post]

NASA has been given the OK to expand the space station until 2030

When Congress passed a bill to support the production of semiconductors in the US on Thursday, it also gave the first authorization to NASA in five years that included a thumbs up for the International Space Station to operate until 2030. Meanwhile, the Russian space chief. The agency pointed out that the agency has not given an exact date for leaving the ISS after the country leaves the radio station after 2024. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Act is one year old. This is what it does.

The Florida Wildlife Corridor is a public and private area of ​​approximately 18 million acres that stretches from the Panhandle to the Everglades. The balcony is not a natural place, but a green space, such as national and state parks, forests, rivers and streams that run through it. [Source: WUSF]


› A Miami bank will receive $250 million from the Treasury in small business loans
Banesco USA, a Miami-based bank that focuses on commercial lending in South Florida and Puerto Rico, has received an injection of $250 million from the US Treasury, which will help increase lending to small and large companies, especially those that are and few people. The funds are part of the Emergency Capital Investment Program, which supports a minority of people most affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

An eighth insurance company has suspended new business in Florida
A home insurance company announced Thursday that it is suspending new business in Florida “until further notice” amid the homeowner’s insurance crisis. According to 8 On Your Side Investigative Reporter Mahsa Saeidi, American Traditions Insurance Company will stop doing new business as of next week. Relaxation covers homeowner’s insurance, homeowner’s policies and homeowner’s policies.

› Mystery grows in Florida ‘ghost’ case as prosecutors seek more information
Prosecutors filed documents related to the transfer of $600,000 between financial institutions that are tied to the ongoing Miami-Dade case involving “ghost agents” in the 2020 election, according to court records released Friday. The move adds new intrigue to the decades-old question of who paid for tens of thousands of dollars in political newspaper ads to promote candidates in three Florida races that were key to helping solidify Republican majorities in the state Senate.

› Carnival, Royal Caribbean among cruise lines to relax COVID tests
Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises are among those changing their COVID-19 testing policies after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suspended its COVID-19 screening program. Carnival announced Friday that it will no longer require cruise tests for those who have been vaccinated on cruises of five days or less starting Aug. 4. It will still need to be tested before cruises of six nights or longer, but it can be done. within three days of departure.

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