Department of Insurance Provides Health Information

Picture of HARTFORD – In response to questions from the media and the public on the annual health care review process, the Connecticut Department of Insurance provides the following:

The Federal Government sets the annual health insurance deadline and that’s why Connecticut Department of Insurance (CID) cannot delay their assessment of actuarial costs and policies.

The timing and deadlines for annual health maintenance and review are not under the control of the CID but instead are under the control of the state through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) and Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO), part of Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). CMS/CCIIO provides national leadership in developing and implementing health insurance standards that promote fair and appropriate practices to ensure that all Americans have access to quality and affordable health care.

On and Off Exchange health plans are annual plans that rate and expire each year, usually during the calendar year, but Small Group Annual goals do not occur for a calendar year. Connecticut’s On Exchange Health Plan is Access Health CT (AHCT).

The Annual Process of Keeping, Reviewing and Setting Standards Starts from January to January.

January – CID publishes notices in January each year with instructions to carriers on their operating rates for the following calendar year. See Bulletin HC-81-22 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines.

Spring – During the spring months carriers collect data from previous years to use in planning for the following year.

July – At the beginning of July, the carriers submit their health records and CID for the next year. Likewise, CID’s Life & Health (L&H) unit and L&H experts review the inventory during the summer months and write to carriers with any questions they have about filters. All documents and correspondence are publicly available and posted on the CID website.

August – CID holds a meeting to inform the public and the carriers about the stored data. The public is invited to participate and provide any comments and evidence.

After the public hearing, the CID will continue with the expert review.

September – The Commissioner will make a final decision on the documents that will approve, modify, or reject the applications.

Confirmed rates must be submitted to CMS and AHCT no later than mid-September.

These rates are sent by CMS and Access Health prior to CT November 1the beginning of open enrollment.

November – AHCT hopes to have prices and plans posted on its website two weeks before open enrollment begins. November 1. That schedule gives consumers enough time to review their options, and make an informed decision that best suits their needs.

December – Before registration closes December 15consumers make their choice to have a health care plan and January 1 effective date of the following calendar year.

January – The new system goes into effect for the calendar year.

Any disruption or delay in this process or long-term risk if the plans will be maintained and provided by the time set by CMS, which may make some plans unavailable next year, reduce the options of consumers, or maybe. causing consumers to have no coverage for the next year.

The annual health review documents and procedures are different from other state pricing procedures Connecticut. These health plans are issued annually, with carrier records and a review process for Department of Insurance must be completed within the annual time frame and CMS deadlines. Likewise, any analogy to other financial insurance reviews and other government agency reviews is absurd.

To see what is written in 2023 about health care in meetings informed from August 15th online, visit CT-N here:

The department continues to seek public comment on health insurance proposals that have been proposed by CIGNA Health & Life, Opinions of the company CTCare Inc, Company Profile CTCare Benefits Incand ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc No, Anthem Health Plansand United Healthcare/Oxford for 2023 plans for all of Access Health CT, the federal Affordable Care Act exchange.

The department expects to announce health insurance rates for 2023 in early September.

Health insurance applications are available for review and open for public comment on the department’s website