Different Types of Child and Additional Rider Insurance Plans available in India

Types of Child Plans Available in India – Know More

One of the biggest concerns in every parent’s mind is securing their child’s financial future when they are no longer with them. Child Life Insurance Plans help you take care of these concerns so that you and your child can enjoy their current and future lives. Learn about the different types of baby plans in this context.

As parents, we try to do everything we can to raise our children well. This includes taking care of their physical and emotional needs as well as providing them with a better financial future, a time when we will not be around. This is one of the most important things on every parent’s mind. This is why it makes sense to invest in the safety of our children right now. Children’s Life Insurance plans help make this possible.

This blog gives you an understanding of the different types of life insurance plans for children in India. Read on to understand the main features and benefits of each to make the right decision for your child’s future.

Life Insurance Plans for Children: What They Are and How They Help

Several insurance companies in India offer child insurance plans that serve the dual purpose of insuring your child and providing. financial decisions to support their major goals in life, such as higher education and marriage.

These plans are designed to provide financial security for your child so you don’t have to worry about what will happen in their lifetime. Choosing a child plan in your life insurance allows you to invest regularly to achieve their dreams and goals related to education, work, and even marriage.

Types of Child Life Insurance Plans in India

A number of insurance providers offer life insurance plans for a future child. You can look online for different plan options available from different insurance companies. Here are some of the top child life insurance plans available from many insurers:

1. Single Premium Child Plan

For parents who prefer to pay a single premium and not worry about fixed payments on different dates, the Single Premium Child Plan works very well.

Major Advantages of the System

  • A method of paying all premiums for the duration of the plan in one lump sum
  • It saves you from any confusion in remembering your regular payment dates
  • It saves you from the hassle of planning money so that you can be paid regularly as an installment plan
  • Big discounts available with other insurers and lower co-pay options (check with your insurer for coverage)

2. Child ULIP

This plan comes with three top benefits for the child – a high loan on the insurance, a regular investment that can be used to repay the child’s capital, and flexibility to support the stock market. This is why Child ULIP plans are suitable for a long term like 10 or 15 years so that you can get maximum return on your investment.

Advantages of the Plan:

  • If a parent or legal guardian dies, the child is entitled to the guaranteed income.
  • In this case, all future payments are also deducted from the child and the maturity value is paid at maturity.
  • Since the market plays an important role in these policies, the payment price is also determined by the market, which increases the chances of a good return.
  • These strategies provide great flexibility to choose between different fund types to secure a high return on your investment.

3. Regular Child Policy

This plan works best for parents who want to split the cost of a small amount of money instead of paying the entire amount to the insurance company. This also encourages the continuation of the process for a long time, thus allowing you to get the most out of it.

Advantages of the Plan:

  • Ability to pay premiums as they occur – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually
  • The low premiums make this plan attractive and attractive to many parents

4. Child Delivery Procedures

This children’s policy in life insurance guarantees regular and stable returns on the business through the bonus received on the sum assured. The scheme starts distributing bonuses from the second year of the scheme’s inception. In addition, the system also provides the opportunity to check whether the bonus is paid in cash or included as a recovery bonus or calculated with simple interest.

Advantages of the Plan:

  • Regular and regular financial returns in the form of bonuses
  • The bonus starts from the second year of the plan

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Add-on Riders for Child Insurance Plans

These child insurance policies also come with additional benefits that can help provide greater protection to the child. Some of the riders you can choose from under a child insurance plan include:

  • Critical Illness Rider: This rider provides additional support in case of serious illness that the child is suffering from.
  • Accidental Death and Disability of Rider: This benefit ensures that the child will be provided with additional income if the parent meets with an accident that may result in disability or death.

Note: These riders can be purchased separately in addition to the child insurance policy you purchase for your child.


Your child’s future should be secure. We couldn’t be with them all the time. Therefore, life insurance plans for children can help take care of all their major life goals and dreams even if we don’t have them. Choose a life insurance policy for your child today and give him the gift of life.

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