Do NJ insurance rates vary by car type? This species is highly perishable

Politics has been described as the art of possibility. Perhaps setting car insurance rates should be redefined as well.

Experts are sitting around the ever-increasing numbers due to accidents that have caused insurance companies to be more aggressive.

In New Jersey and many other states, insurance companies are allowed to pay you more because you have a lower credit score. They said they looked at the data and there is a connection to the accident.


If there is any agreement, then the truth is that there is an agreement in the accidents that cost the insurance companies money and the people who decide to pay. People who are facing financial problems are the ones who will have less debt. It probably doesn’t mean that they have more accidents than their rich neighbor. It means the rich neighbor will pick up the cost of a fender bender out of pocket rather than risk a claim that could cost them their insurance premiums. And so let’s call this what it is on the insurance company’s side. Greedy.

Here’s another one. When you get divorced, the insurance companies decide that you are the driver of the car. Again, are you driving worse because you’re single? Very doubtful. It probably goes back to the same reason. Money.

Divorce sets people back. Divorce is expensive. If you get out of it with no financial problems, you’re out of luck. Again, when you are struggling financially you can’t help but put a smaller damage policy than when you were married and doing well financially and maybe you could have taken the money without going through the insurance.

So let’s stop this myth that insurance companies in New Jersey are really focused on accident risk. He only looks at the risk of getting the ball out. God forbid someone pays interest and ends up using the insurance they’ve been paying for for years. What a racket.

So I got to thinking about what tricks insurance companies can think of to fix prices? If they want to pretend that this is just damage, will they check if the color of the hair corresponds to the one who breaks it the most? We like to admit that there are some things that are wrong with pricing things like debt repayment. But imagine how angry people would be if they suddenly paid redheads more money and blondes less.

What about the color of your car? There is real data to back this up. A study found that certain types of vehicles are less likely to cause accidents.

Who will pay more under the half-baked policy?

Black car owners. The study shows that black cars have a 47% higher chance of being involved in an accident. It has real backup. Why don’t insurance companies track the type of car?

I’ll tell you why.

See examples of debt consolidation and divorce. Because the type of car has nothing to do with whether someone has the chance to say it. Money is all they care about.

Here we are how the lesson ends What types of vehicles are least likely to cause accidents?

More dangers:

1. Black

A study reported in Money Super Market found that black cars are 47% more likely to crash than any other type of car.

Black Sports Car

Opinions of the company Rawpixel Ltd

2. Grey

The second most dangerous type of car to own. Gray cars are 11% more dangerous than the safest car type, which we’ll get to.

Ethan Finkelstein/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley

Ethan Finkelstein/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley

3. Silver

10% greater risk than safe.

A classic car on a clean surface


4. Blue

This popular type carries a maximum risk of 7%.

Third Picture of the Blue Car


Less dangerous:

1. White

This is the safest type of car you can drive. It has a 12% lower chance of being in danger than a black car. And that’s in all weathers and lighting conditions.

A speeding car is running erratically

Hon Fai Ng

2. Yellow

Your banana car will be second-safest on the list. If you don’t mind driving a car that looks like a banana.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

3. Orange

Orange is NOT the new black. It is one of the safest types of communication.

Photo by Oli Woodman on Unsplash

Picture is It was Woodman on Unsplash

4. Gold

Not a popular choice but the theory behind why this is the fourth safest car type is that it is more visible.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

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