Execs In The Know & Genesys Release CX Viewpoints: Insurance; Research on Companies Using Consumer Insights

The 20-page report provides insight into the experiences and opinions of insurance customers inside United States.

PHOENIX, Oga. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A global corporate (CX) leader. He acts in the Know is proud to announce the release of CX Viewpoints: Insurance – Research of Retail Customers on Insurance Products. This survey is released in collaboration with Genesisthe global cloud leader in customer service.

The 20-page report provides insight into the experiences and opinions of insurance customers inside United States. Survey results were collected using an online, third-party platform and questionnaires were designed specifically around Home, Auto, Life, and Disability customers. While the data is focused on specific industries, the report looks at the CX metrics most important to CX leaders across all platforms.

The results of this study show the importance of customer service, especially in the ability to promote customer loyalty. For other results, 37% of respondents indicated that “Excellent Customer Care” was the main driver of loyalty, followed by “Low Cost/Discount” at (35%), “Trust” at 18%, and “Brand Reputation” at ( 8%).

Some research questions explore topics that include their hobbies, opinions on the insurance industry, and responses to recent events with insurance companies. The report covers 15 points in total, as well as public information and commentary from industry experts.

“CX Viewpoints: Insurers announces the launch of CX Viewpoints, a new series of industry-focused research reports,” he said. Susan McDaniel, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Execs In The Know. “Genesys, with expertise in CX technology and process change, has been a great partner in our pursuit of consumer insights. Once again, the results show that CX processes and performance outcomes play an important role in business success.”

“At Genesys, we believe that every moment is important. Every insurer should not only know their customers, but also understand them and give them what they need – at the right time,” he said. Manan Sagar. “We partnered with Execs in the Know to understand why, when, and how customers are engaging with their insurers, agents, and brokers to help insurers on their journey to build loyalty, retain customers, improve their integrated operations, and strengthen their brand in the economic experience.”

In addition to the release of CX Viewpoints: Insurance – Research of Retail Customers on Insurance ProductsExecs In The Know is published regularly CX related research and contents, including CX Insight Magazine, published on a monthly basis. The company recently released the next volume in its CX Leaders Trends & Insights series at the company’s signature event, Customer Response Summit in Coronado, CA (October 24-26, 2022).

If you are a CX leader and would like to participate and/or give your voice to research related to CX, please send an expression of interest. Susan McDaniel at mailto:Susan@ExecsInTheKnow.com [Susan@ExecsInTheKnow.com __title__ null].

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