Fleet telematics for commercial vehicles: Increase safety and savings.

The main goal of business owners is important. And when you have a lot of vehicles that help with daily operations, you want to control how they work to save and result. This is where telematics comes in. Frankenmuth Insurance is proud to offer telematics software for commercial vehicles like you. Do you want to know how this program benefits your company’s security, efficiency, savings, and efficiency? Read on.

What is telematics and what are its benefits?

With telematics, a small device is installed in each vehicle that monitors things like driving directions and GPS and on-board diagnostics (OBD). Then, the information is delivered to the business owner via a simple, emailed report with access to a full online report with customizable updates. The report shares information such as fuel consumption, potential fuel consumption patterns, vehicle maintenance information, driver performance metrics, engine hours, and more. Because telematics gives business owners information about their drivers and gives drivers the information to stay safe on the roads, it’s a win-win for your business.

Telematics technology can improve fleet safety on the roads. Telematics devices, on average, provide strong protection such as:

  • 45% fewer car accidents
  • 75% reduction in high speed events
  • 80% reduction in aggressive driving, including hard braking, hard cornering, constant acceleration, and sudden acceleration.

Fleet telematics helps business owners save money. Telematics can help drivers save gas by encouraging them to drive faster, drive faster, and more. By being informed, business owners can also be proactive in reducing damage and wear and tear on company vehicles, resulting in lower repair or replacement costs. The biggest savings of all: you may be eligible for a discount on your vehicle’s auto policy by participating in a fleet telematics program.

Rewards designed for your drivers. Business owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from automotive telematics software… your drivers can too. To encourage safe and efficient driving for profit, some telematics programs include driver incentives such as gift cards to restaurants and stores. Business owners can track performance and reward all employees from their customized dashboard.

What other boating safety tips should you follow?

While we’re on the subject of safety, encourage your fleet drivers to follow these guidelines every time they’re behind the wheel.

  • Minimize distractions. Follow these five tips to avoid distracted driving. Keep your phone out of reach. Always finish eating before driving to avoid eating while driving. Do not drive while asleep.
  • Know where you are going before you leave. Learn ways to avoid checking your phone or risking the wrong thing.
  • Follow the signs carefully. With large vehicles in particular, pay attention to bridge crossing signs, sharp turns, hills, speed limit zones, etc.
  • Increase and decrease gradually. Especially if you are carrying goods, but every time you drive a car as a rule, do not start going or stop too fast.
  • Leave space between vehicles. This is important during the rainy season, but it is always important.
  • Take care of your dark spots. Small cars can be hard to see in a big car. Check several times before changing lanes and be aware of traffic around you.
  • Do a pre-trip inspection. Inspect your vehicle before driving. Check all the tires, check the undercarriage for hanging things, and check the gas and oil levels.
  • Be smart. Smart driving is good driving. Don’t take risks on the road and remember, your actions affect the safety of others.

Interested in learning more about Frankenmuth Insurance’s telematics program for auto insurance policies? We are happy to share more about its benefits and how it has helped protect and save money for business policy holders. Talk to your local, independent agent about this offer today.