Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to avoid home insurance risk

Do drag shows, sustainable investing and LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws all have anything in common?

All were overseen by Gov. Ron DeSantis this week.

Florida’s property insurance market is on the brink of collapse, prompting DeSantis to take an “extraordinary” and “unprecedented” step to try to stabilize it.

But the governor also found time to grill the culture warrior who promoted him in the GOP.

The governor revealed that his administration had sent federal investigators to a Miami show that had sparked criticism online for allowing children to watch “sexually explicit” content.

The investigation led to a four-count executive complaint against the R House restaurant and bar, where the show takes place.

Drag shows have been a major target of the GOP lately. Former President Donald Trump touched on them in a speech in Tampa this month, saying: “Today’s education system is so sick that school prayer is banned, but drag shows are allowed.”