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PayBima Khushi Ka Tohfa – Get Health Insurance on Your First Paycheck

First salary is very important in a person’s life. The excitement and joy of earning money with our hard work for the first time is incomparable. With our newfound freedom to have our own money, it is often used to spoil our loved ones and buy things that we have wanted for a long time. When we do that, we often don’t think about things that should be important to us. One of the most important things in our lives is our health, and to achieve it eating a healthy diet, exercising for 30 minutes, and living an active lifestyle can be insufficient. You should also start investing in health insurance. If you need hospitalization, you won’t have to worry about running out of money. Your health insurance will cover your bills. So, let’s talk about the reasons that justify giving ourselves a health insurance agentyespecially with the first payment.

  • You can pay a lower price: Health insurance premiums are highly dependent on the age of the policyholder. The younger the generation the lower the price. Therefore, when you draw your first paycheck, you are in your 20s, and buying health insurance at that age will help you pay less. Also, you can pay annual fees instead of monthly.
  • Waiting time in the health system: All health insurance plans come with a waiting period. During the waiting period, you cannot say anything. When you are young, you may have fewer illnesses; therefore, the need to claim the insured amount immediately is less. On the other hand, if you buy health insurance in the years when you are already diagnosed with a disease and need regular blood tests, you may not be able to use the health plan in the first months or years, even if you pay the premiums. about that.
  • The types of diseases are increasing: With more and more people living a sedentary lifestyle and new viruses emerging, many new diseases have appeared in recent times. Today, people in their 20s are diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. In fact, cardiac arrest has also become more common. Therefore, buying health insurance even for people who have just started their careers makes sense.
  • Medical expenses are high: One of the main reasons to buy health insurance is to save money during medical treatment. We all know how expensive healthcare is. And if someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, the treatment will burn a hole in the pocket. In such situations, health insurance can be very helpful.
  • Tax benefit: When you pay your health insurance premiums out of your salary, it helps to save on taxes. You can get tax benefits for your dependents or yourself under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Points to consider when buying health insurance

When shopping for health insurance with your premiums, you need to keep some things in mind. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Type of procedure: There are mainly two types of policies, individual and family floating. You have to decide which one is right for you.
  2. Roof Risk: The Claim Settlement Ratio of an insurance company is very important. It is an indicator of the number of claims that have been settled by the insurance company.
  3. Network hospitals: Searching for network hospitals is important, as well as finding out if network hospitals are close to your home.
  4. Complaint Resolution Procedure: You should look for a way to solve the complaints like cashback or cashless. Being clear about this will help you decide between the two.
  5. Time to appear: Every health insurance comes with a free period that you can cancel. You need to know the free period of health insurance you want to buy.
  6. Waiting time: You should try to find the waiting period for the health plan you buy. During the waiting period, you will not be able to get the benefit of the policy.

What else can you do with your first paycheck?

Apart from buying health insurance for yourself, you can also buy a health plan for your parents. After all, the things they do and the sacrifices they make for us cannot be compared to anything else in the world. And when they get old, what we can do is help them in every way.

When our parents get old, they often go to doctors to get treatment for their ailments. And in doing so, they pay a lot of money. You can help reduce medical bills by providing them with health insurance.

Whether you want to buy health insurance for yourself or pass it on to your parents, keeping in mind the points mentioned above will help you get the best insurance. To make things easier for you, PayBima has come up with the Khushiyon ka Tohfa scheme. This plan will help you choose between health insurance plans from the best health insurance companies in India for yourself or your family.

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