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CHICAGO – High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI) announced Tuesday its expansion in Arizona, where, company officials say, its insurance solutions based on telematics and safety training “can now be used by small and medium-sized fleets to reduce insurance costs.”

About 85% of Arizona’s communities rely on trucks to move their goods, according to a study by the American Transportation Research Institute, which found that the trucking industry paid about $719 million in state and federal road taxes in 2019, nearly half of all taxes. . Loans and car insurance in Arizona.

The transportation industry in the state is small and local and supported by a variety of support businesses.

“The auto business is a very important pillar of the economy despite a very difficult industry with high fuel costs, driver shortages and high insurance costs,” said Chuck Wallace, co-founder of HDVI. “Our advanced safety and risk management tools help these small fleets protect their drivers, operate more efficiently, and save insurance costs.”

HDVI conversionThe first real-time premium insurance for commercial vehicles, it uses on-board telematics data to provide small-to-medium-sized real-time risk assessments – advanced tools typically found in mega-fleets.

Instead of waiting years for a traditional insurance company to recognize and receive safety benefits, HDVI Shift helps fleets save up to 12% on their monthly premiums based on real-time driver safety.

In the first year of HDVI Shift, and based on 20 million pieces of telematics data, automotive customers achieved better than average safety scores and 30% fewer accidents than predicted, the news release said.

Additional quantitative results show that more than 75% of his clients saw an improvement in speed or running intensity in the first six months. This number rises to 90% after nine months of HDVI Shift compliance.

“HDVI provides connected and similar services by providing safety information through its fleet model and monthly meetings that identify telematics activities to improve safety and reduce insurance costs,” according to the news release. “Drivers also have the HDVI Driver+ mobile app, where they receive security alerts. HDVI Shift rules cover hardware, installation, and registration for many vendors of digital technology.”

“HDVI Shift and Driver+ are just the first of many new enhancements and innovations we will bring to the industry,” said Wallace. “As we look to the future, we are already working on the development of Shift 2.0, which will use data to reward the defense fleet that has already benefited from the beginning of the process.”

With a workforce that has doubled in the past year, the company operates small and midsize vehicles in 15 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina , Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

This number will reach 25 by early 2023.

For more information, visit https://hdvi.com.

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