Heymondo Travel Insurance Review

After buying travel insurance for six years, we’re sharing the details of our favorite insurance company. Read on to find out what our Heymondo travel insurance covers and get a 5% discount on your new policy.

We do not travel without travel insurance. It’s important!

Although we have never had a complaint, we have met many travelers who were not so lucky. Some were injured by motorbikes and others contracted dengue. Recently, we have heard stories of people who have contracted COVID traveling abroad. Those unfortunate enough to not have travel insurance incurred unexpected costs.

We don’t want to be those people!

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We like to be prepared when we travel. Our preparations include packing rain gear and purchasing travel insurance.

Buying travel insurance gives us the freedom to travel without worrying about getting sick or injured during the trip. However, until recently, we weren’t sure which travel insurance was best for our situation.

Heymondo is a travel insurance company we use and love.Yes, it is possible to like a travel insurance company!

I don’t want to read about why we love each other Hey Mondo? Here is a 5% discount which you can use immediately. Otherwise, keep reading.

Why We Love Heymondo

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Heymondo’s service makes us feel like royalty.

Having Heymondo’s annual travel insurance means we no longer have to think about travel insurance every time we book a trip. Instead, we can look at flights, hotels and restaurants. There is nothing wrong with changing the game.

The Heymondo company meets our needs. Learning is enough. The website is easy to use. The cost of our annual plan is competitive. In addition, there is a team of experts to help us if something bad happens.

True Fun
We have purchased travel insurance since 2016 and have had no issues.

Types of Heymondo Plans

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Having travel insurance was very important during the successful visa application process when we moved to Portugal.

We realize that having an annual plan is not for everyone. Some people don’t travel as much as we do. Others are looking for a process to meet the visa requirements as we did in 2018 when we were applying for D7 visas to move to Lisbon.

Heymondo also has a privacy policy for these travelers. In fact, there are three different approaches to Heymondo’s principles:

1. Single Trip Travel Insurance

This type of policy is suitable for single trips. Depending on your needs, the process may include:

  • Medical Expenses up to $10 million USD
  • Refunds & Early Returns up to $500,000 USD
  • Property Theft & Damage up to $2,500 USD
  • Travel Cancellation up to $7,000 USD
  • The spread of COVID 19

There are three types of Single Trip insurance plans – Basic, Top and Premium. Different plans have specifications and limits that you can choose at the time of application.

The prices vary according to the applicant and take into account factors such as the location (home and destination), the length of the trip and the age of less than 70 years.

Apply for discounted single trip insurance now.

2. Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

This type of policy makes sense for frequent travelers. It is valid for one year, negates the need for one-time policies and may include:

  • Medical Expenses up to $10 million USD
  • Refunds & Early Returns up to $500,000 USD
  • Property Theft & Damage up to $2,500 USD
  • Travel Cancellation up to $7,000 USD
  • The spread of COVID 19

You will notice that the available limits of this plan are the same as the single trip plan. However, this type of annual plan covers unlimited trips that are 60 days or less. It is a great option for frequent travelers who travel several times a year. However, no trip can exceed 60 days.

Our annual cost for multiple trips is 338€ depending on our number. However, your price may be lower or higher depending on what you write.

Apply for discounted annual multi-trip insurance here.

3. Long Term Travel Insurance

This type of policy is appropriate digital migrants are other travelers who plan to stay at their destination for more than 60 days. It is a great option for study abroad students who are interested in:

  • Medical Expenses up to $2.5 million USD
  • Refunds & Early Returns up to $500,000 USD
  • Property Theft & Damage up to $1,200 USD
  • The spread of COVID 19

We bought a long term policy when moving to Lisbon which suited our needs at the time. Now that we live in Portugal, we buy an annual multi-trip plan instead.

Book cheap long term insurance now.

What is Heymondo Travel Insurance?

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Learning gives us joy.

While it’s great that Heymondo has an easy-to-use website and offers great prices, the system has a way to go for travelers like us. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses Abroad
  • Dental Emergency Fees Abroad
  • Sports Activities Including Biking, Kayaking, Hot Air Ballooning, Climbing, Camping, Snowmobiling, Helicopter Tours, Segways and Zip lines
  • Need for COVID-19 Including Medical Fees, Travel Cancellations, Additional Accommodation Fees, Prescribed PCR Tests and Travel Medicines, Medical Trips and Reimbursement
  • Additional Expenses for Hospitalization Due to Illness or Hospitalization
  • Outpatient Physiotherapy
  • Travel and Accommodation Expenses for Family
  • Hospital Procedures and Reimbursement
  • Loss or Damage to Property or Personal Activities
  • Delayed Delivery of Controlled Goods
  • Changing Passport Due to Loss or Theft
  • Travel Restrictions & Disruptions
  • Travel Disruption Due to Public Transport Delays or Missed Connecting Flights
  • Special Assistance in Search & Rescue and Natural Disasters
  • Liability Personal
  • Accidental Death or Disability
  • Best Car Rentals

Pro tip
Check the Heymondo website and read your policy for details and limitations.

What Not Covered

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We never know when disaster will strike. Fortunately, most of our disasters involve things like hair days.

Here are some of the things that Heymondo travel insurance does not cover:

  • Non-Emergency Funds Abroad
  • Non-Emergency Dental Fees Abroad
  • Recreational Activities Including White-Water Rafting, SCUBA Diving, Horseback Riding, Bike Tours, Mountain Biking, Bungee Jumping and Climbing**
  • Travel **
  • Pre-Trip COVID-19 Tests
  • Electronics Including Laptops, Tablets and Cameras (Limited Limits) **
  • Military Areas

** You can buy extras (ie passengers) if you want to do adventure activities or cruises. You can also increase the number of electronic devices.

Pro tip
Check out Heymondo’s website and your specific points for more information on what’s missing.

How Much Does a Heymondo Policy Cost?

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We always want to know what’s wrong and hate surprises.

Heymondo fees vary depending on age, country, destination, destination, limit you choose, policy time, etc. You will need to book a travel insurance policy online to see how much you pay.

Our policy is very affordable – 338€ for a couple in our 50s who live in Portugal and travel frequently. Your salary may be lower or higher depending on age and circumstances.

A reminder
You should be under 70 years of age that’s fine book Heymondo travel insurance.

Heymondo Travel Insurance Discount

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Good discount!

Will Heymondo travel insurance work for you? We say go and write.

Application is the only way to know if Heymondo is right for you both in terms of price and coverage. Plus, you’ll get a 5% discount if you apply for a policy now.

Sign up for discounted Heymondo travel insurance now.

Additional Information

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We never know what we will find at the end of our journey.

But wait – there’s more!

In addition to its user-friendly website and value proposition, Heymondo has an app that sets it apart from its travel insurance package. This program includes the following:

  • 24/7 Doctor Chat
  • Free Call for Medical Assistance
  • Complaint Reporting and System Management
  • Easy Access to Accounts and Policy Discussion

Sign up for discounted Heymondo travel insurance now.

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About the Authors

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