How to Keep Your Car’s Interior Cooler This Summer

There are many summer favorites. It’s time to enjoy the beach, pool, summer road trip, vacation, etc. However, for car owners, summer weather can cause damage to the inside of your car painfully hot. Cranking ac is one way, but this can slowly destroy your fat over time. Instead, keep your car cool and your passengers happy budget summer instructions.

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Try one or more of these ideas to cool your car:

  • Use sunshades and windows. These inexpensive tools are easy to find online or at your local auto shop. Keep this in your car and put it on whenever you want to get out of your car for a few minutes, especially if you’re parked in the sun. You can also use a sunshade on your back window to add an extra touch.
  • Close your windows. Keep your windows slightly open while driving to increase ventilation throughout the car. You don’t need to roll the windows all the way down—just leave a space smaller than your arm. Remember to return your windows when parked to prevent damage.
  • Cover your steering wheel. If your steering wheel is overheated, cover the steering wheel or throw a towel over it when parked.
  • Put it in your car. This may seem like an obvious tip. However, not all homeowners use their garage for its intended purpose. Leave your car in the garage instead of your driveway to keep things cool.
  • Stand in the shade. If you are away from home and can’t get into your garage, parking in the shade will keep your car cooler. A covered building, such as a parking garage, is your best bet. If there is none, place it under a shade tree or house. A dark parking lot may be necessary for a short walk to your destination.
  • Use seat covers. Wine and leather seats can get warm when exposed to sunlight. Place cool cushions or blankets over your car seats to keep them from overheating. You can store leftover blankets in the trunk or under the car.
  • Start with your air conditioner. A well-maintained AC can effectively cool your car. If you think the inside of your car is getting too hot even with the AC on, you may need to get it checked out.

What to Do If Your Car Overheats

Cars are like tandand greenhouses: the sun comes in through car windows and they suck getting inside the car. Use the instructions above keep your car cool in the summer. Howeverif your car is overheating even if you do it right effort, which may indicate a the problem is your cold behavior. you may you need to check them so they don’t damage your engine. For now, follow these steps cool your car until help arrives:

  • If it’s safe, pull over to the side of the road, park your car and turn off the engine. Give your car 10 minutes to cool down.
  • Open the hood of your car to let out any heat.
  • After 10 minutes, turn your car’s ignition to the first position – without the engine running completely – and check that the temperature gauge and fluid are in the correct direction.
  • Restart the engine.
  • If your engine is making strange noises or won’t start, call help along the way tow your car. This may seem confusing, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry! A local mechanic can check the condition to determine what is wrong.

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