How to plan your long vacation abroad

It’s been a tough few years with many people putting off overseas holidays due to Covid-19, but many are looking to make up for lost time by taking a long trip overseas this year.

Here the Adrian Flux team offers timely advice on how to take the stress out of planning an extended holiday abroad.

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Make sure your passport is valid

Keeping track of your passport is one of life’s admin tasks that is easy to forget.

As a rule of thumb, you will need six months on your passport before you travel abroad. This means that, if you are going on a three-month vacation, your passport must be valid for nine months.

However, the exact length of validity varies from country to country, so check the official website to find out latest passport advice.

Get a friend to check on you regularly

Arrange for someone to visit you regularly. They should collect the mail and make sure there are no signs that you are not at home, such as junk mail left at the door or out of the mailbox.

If it’s a good friend you can get them to cut the grass, destroy the flowers and make sure the whole garden is in order.

Find the right home insurance cover

Even if you get a friend to check your place, your insurance will still consider it void if you are away for 30 days or more.

In that case, they will see that your home is at high risk of theft, vandalism and accidental damage and you need to make repairs. unoccupied insurance cover.

Read our blog at Learn how to protect your home while you’re away and other things you may need to get unoccupied insurance.

Set a timer so that the lights turn on more often

You can buy a plug socket calculator for under a tenner. Invest in a few of them and place them in different areas of the house. You can turn on different lights at different times and it shows that the house is living like normal.

Read our blog to learn more ways to protect your home if it will be left empty for a long time.

Don’t forget green card motor insurance

If you’re taking your car on an extended holiday abroad, it’s a good idea to get a green car insurance policy that ensures you have the necessary insurance for the countries you’re driving in. It is no longer mandatory to have a green card but you may find it helpful in this process if you need to produce your documents for any reason. Read our blog for the latest information green laws.


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Get a health card for your vacation

If you are going abroad, you should carry a UK Global Health Insurance Card. Card ensures that UK residents have the right to access emergency and essential medical care when traveling within the EU.

Get the right vacation insurance

When you’re traveling alone, it’s easy to forget things like travel insurance. That would be a big mistake.

Articles by Adrian Flux flexible travel insurance It’s great value for money and can pay you £15,000,000 worth of emergency medical care, depending on how much cover you take out. There are also special requirements for travel affected by Covid-19.

Make sure your bank card is up to date

It will be very dangerous for your extended retirement if you are left high and dry with no access to your money. Make sure all your bank and credit card statements are up to date. Add new cards now if they run out before your job ends.

bank card

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Connect with your extended vacation

Leave an emergency phone number and email address for at least one neighbor so they can contact you and alert you if things go wrong at home. A call, if it comes, doesn’t want to ruin your vacation but it does mean you can be in control when it comes to organizing things.

Don’t forget your pet during the holidays

If you are planning to take your family dog ​​on your long trip, don’t forget that you need to get one pet passport or a animal health certificate.

Remember, there are different rules for traveling with your pet to an EU country or Northern Ireland and taking your pet to a non-EU country.

If Fido is going to miss the trip, you should get him booked in a recommended dog kennel, or ticketed by a friend or relative.


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Make sure you have all the medicine you need

Most doctors will only prescribe medication to give you for two days or one month at most. It’s no good if you’re going to be out for three months!

Explain your plans to your GP so that you can take the supplements that will keep you fit and healthy.

When you have that, add your first helper box. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Use the eyes and ears of your neighbors

Let your Neighborhood Watch group stay away for long periods of time and have others keep an eye on your home. You can use this link find a local security guard.