How to unlock Saints Row insurance fraud minigame

Saints Row’s insurance fraud and injury minigame is back, where players have to injure themselves in a car and use ragdoll physics to earn money for their injuries. The minigame is unlocked through the Shady Oak venture as part of the trade, although this is not made clear. Anyway, we’re going to walk you through how to unlock the insurance minigame in Saints Row where you throw yourself into cars, and how to do it right.

How to unlock Saints Row insurance cheats and injury minigame

(Photo: © Deep Silver Volition)

To unlock the Saints Row casualty insurance cheat minigame, players must do the following:

1. Continue through the story until you open the trade and business table

2. Buy Shady Oaks business (if it’s the first purchase it will be free, otherwise it will cost you $30000)

3. Go to the business center and talk to Tamira Bowens. They have posted an Insurance Fraud site. Go there to get started.

4. Once the model is completed, it will unlock many minigame locations throughout the map. Head to each of them and chat with the written road sign to start.

The insurance minigame is connected to the progress of the business of Shady Oaks – completing all of them, as well as the dangers of the area, will improve the business and increase its salary well, so it’s important!

How to beat the Saints Row insurance fraud game

(Photo: © Deep Silver Volition)

The actual gameplay of the insurance fraud minigame in Saints Row is based on self-harm and ragdoll physics. When a challenge starts, pressing R2/RT will make your character jump forward. Use this new “power” to hit moving cars, and try to use them to launch yourself as far and as fast as possible. Better results are achieved by building combos – getting hit by multiple cars in quick succession – and using those hits to send yourself as far as possible. Defeat the target in the time allowed, and you will win, earning money and the Saints Row XP section. (opens in a new tab).