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How does yoga insurance work, what is the cheapest yoga insurance and how can independent instructors use it to stay broke?

You see, yoga teachers have a tough job.

They need to push their clients to be more flexible and achieve their health goals while ensuring they stay injury free.

Now, in most cases a well-trained and experienced yoga instructor is better. However, there may be an event where a client is injured while in a yoga class or individual session.

Depending on the severity of the injury and the individual client, the yoga teacher may need to pay for the injury, especially if it is permanent.


While yoga instructors must have their clients’ best interests at heart, they must also protect themselves from lawsuits and resolve complaints.

This is where yoga instructor insurance comes into play. Yoga teacher insurance is regulated to cover the cost of settling a lawsuit, medical expenses, or any fees that are assessed after a court battle.

The insurance only ensures that the covered yoga instructor does not go bankrupt or sell all of his assets following a court order.

Many independent yoga instructors believe that they cannot be legally challenged because they do not own property. That is a complete myth.

There is nothing to prevent anyone from suing a multinational person or company in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

Therefore, even if a yoga instructor has few clients and does not have anything besides yoga, this remains important. They need to know the best yoga insurance and how to protect their business and yoga students.

How Yoga Insurance Protects Both Teachers and Students


Yoga teacher insurance that includes professional and general insurance for yoga teachers protects them and gives them the ability to fight lawsuits. Now, these lawsuits may or may not be valid, the insurance pays for the lawsuits.

Professional and general insurance for yoga instructors is critical to keeping your business running.


Insurance also protects advisors even if they are convicted.

Subject to the limits of the insurance policy purchased, it will pay the full amount ordered by the court.

Even if you buy the cheapest yoga teacher insurance policy available online, it should have enough coverage to cover most of the legal fees and the amount of money you are reimbursed. This is why we always recommend that you compare yoga teacher insurance quotes online to make sure that the insurance provider meets your needs.

Yoga insurance also protects customers. With insurance coverage, they have a better chance of getting paid or reimbursed for medical expenses incurred as a result of a yoga instructor’s injury.

It should give them more confidence to hire another consultant knowing that they have a valid insurance certificate.

What Are the Features of Yoga Insurance?

The best yoga insurance covers the cost of each event and can have limits of anything from $100,000 to millions of dollars.

The following are the two main components of yoga insurance.

General Liability

Regular coverage can protect yoga teachers in many ways.

First, if the classes are held in premises owned or rented by yoga teachers, they cover any falls or injuries that may occur due to poor maintenance or carelessness.


General insurance for yoga teachers may also include property insurance coverage if the property is rented. For example, if the rental property catches fire and the consultant is at fault.

It may also include indemnity coverage, where the insurance company promptly pays the medical expenses of the injured customer.

This not only keeps the client happy but also protects the yoga teacher’s reputation and goes a long way to avoid a costly lawsuit.

Is yoga insurance mandatory in California? Although the state of California does not legally require yoga instructors to have liability insurance in order to teach, the risk of being recognized in a lawsuit is a prerequisite for obtaining California yoga insurance.

Job Responsibilities

Professional liability insurance for yoga teachers is probably the most important of the two types of yoga insurance.

This includes any claims or injuries that occur as a result of your advice or actions. For yoga teachers, this is very important because it often helps their clients stretch and improve their posture.

They may also provide dietary advice or distribute healthy foods.

Professional indemnity protects yoga teachers if anything in the art or instruction is injured.

Another type of coverage that professional indemnity insurance for yoga instructors must cover is the cost of dealing with or ending harassment and assault.


Being a yoga teacher requires a lot of contact with the client and even a harmless touch can be misinterpreted or misrepresented. Therefore, it is very important that you get professional and general yoga teacher insurance to protect your business.

Different Types of Yoga You May Need Insurance for

Different Types of Yoga You May Need Yoga Insurance

Here is a list of all types of yoga that any instructor will need to insure. You may want to ask your preferred yoga instructor insurance company if they cover these styles before purchasing their policy.

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Bikram yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Birth yoga
  • Anusara yoga
  • Distribution method

How to Choose Yoga Insurance

There is no one insurance policy that is right for all yoga teachers. Once you’ve decided which one is right for you, you should carefully compare yoga teacher insurance.

Everything from the limit given to the exclusion list varies from policy to policy. It is good to do so talk to an insurance advisor or get help online. In the UK today, you can compare yoga teacher insurance quotes online in just one field.

It is important for yoga teachers to be thorough in their work.

Details such as whether they provide food service, staffing, how many customers they serve, and common injuries, are all important.

When this is done properly, you can find the cheapest yoga teacher insurance for as low as $129 per year or $12.50 per month from any of the most recommended yoga insurance companies.


Questions Yoga Instructors Need to Answer to Find the Best Insurance Provider

Answering these questions honestly will help you in your yoga teacher insurance comparison.

  • Do you practice yoga in a studio?
  • Does your yoga practice contract require a minimum insurance premium?
  • Does the local council require you to get a permit including public liability insurance before you start training on council premises, such as public housing?
  • Has your professional association established a minimum coverage requirement for membership?
  • What are the potential risks associated with your yoga practice? What would be the cost if a judgment (or multiple) is made against you?

Having the right answers to these questions can help you find the best and cheapest yoga insurance in the UK, USA and Australia even if you choose to compare online.