Hwang, Seniors Speak Out About Rising Health Insurance Costs

Picture of HARTFORD – Senator Tony Hwangmember of Newtown legislative representative and a member of the Insurance Committee, along with the Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford), issued the following statement in response to a request for health insurance for two groups of more than 20% sent to Department of Insurance For individual and small health insurance plans starting in 2023:

“These price increases are extreme and outrageous. They show not only the further damage of inflation, but also the damage of CT Democrats’ repeated refusal to address rising health care costs. We knew this day was coming, we warned it was coming, and that’s why CT Republicans offered solutions to prevent it. – solutions. Democrats repeated rejections.

“Year after year Connecticut Republicans offer comprehensive plans to lower health care costs and provide real health insurance coverage. And year after year CT Democrats refuse to act. We need people’s attention on these increases, but more than that, we need action,” he says. “Families are already being torn apart by inflation, rising taxes, and a growing world. Affordability is a challenge in our government, and Democrats they’re blocking the way – whether it’s at the grocery store or your doctor’s office.

“This year, Senate Republicans he reformed a plan to reduce medical expenses that had not gone well. Access Health CT comparisons show that our plans reduce premiums by $6,475 per year, or $540 per month for an average family. But to lead Democrats the state Insurance Commission refused to even vote on that plan,” concluded Kelly and Hwang. “In fact, they agree to block the affordable health care system. The same Democratic lawmakers who are angry today said there is no reason for the government to act earlier this year because of federal aid. Now the payments are going away, and families are about to suffer because nothing to do.”

The lawmakers joined them Ted Doolittle, State Healthcare Advocatewho said he was “surprised to hear that health insurers a Connecticut they want a price increase of more than 20% and sometimes more than 30% next year. “

“These unprecedented increases will fuel inflation and destroy access to any health care — let alone affordable health care — for many. Connecticut families,” Doolittle said.

Doolittle said the most expensive requests are driven by one thing: international hospital prices for medical care and medicine.

“The Connecticut Department of Insurance has statutory authority to determine whether or not claims for medical expenses are ‘excessive’. Office of the Healthcare Advocate believe that any request for a higher price based on more medical expenses is too high,” Doolittle said. “That’s why I’m calling Department of Insurance have formal discussions – not the random hearings that have been happening in recent years – including calling on the most expensive people such as hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers to explain and justify international prices, which increases the price increase that causes these large requests. .

“The Department of Insurance in 2015 committed to complying with regulatory requirements by requesting a Health Advocate for four plans when the price requests exceed 10%. Today, this office, in cooperation with Attorney General Tong and his team, is requesting this authority. OHA will participate as a party representative, represented by the Office of the Attorney General, “concluded Doolittle. “I look forward to working with the Department, the Attorney General, and the OHA legal team in the coming days to determine the policy or procedures that should be followed in the approval process of the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act this summer.

Attorney General William Tonga it also wants people to hear everything before a Department of Insurance examining a list of 13 documents from nine insurers that proposed price increases of 20.4% in the individual market and 14.8% for small groups.

“Medical costs and insurance costs are already unaffordable for many Connecticut families, businesses and individuals, and the increase in these two numbers requires a serious review, “said Attorney General Tong. “The Department of Insurance has already agreed to hold a public consultation on any increase of more than 10%, and transparency is necessary now. We cannot allow insurers to rate and claim without our independent analysis and review. “

Insurance Commissioner Andrew N. More He also spoke about Health Insurance Rate Request Filings for 2023, saying, “The Connecticut Department of Insurance has received 13 filings from nine insurers on proposals to be offered in the public and private market, out of state and out-of-state exchanges.” , Access Health CT. Working within the authority given to the department, we will review the documents in detail to ensure that the prices requested are in accordance with the state law.”

Readers can also check the 2023 Demand Chart by visiting portal.ct.gov/-/media/CID/1_RateFilings/2023-Initial-Rate-Filings-Chart.pdf.

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The Department will hold an Informational Meeting on the proposed rate increase in early August.

Details of the date and time will be shared as they become available. The public will be invited to attend and comment.