IMA Financial Group Offers First Certificate of Insurance on Blockchain

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Opinions of the company IMA Financial Groupwhich started earlier this year Web3Labs, is now the first insurance broker to issue a certificate of insurance (COI) on the blockchain. COI, completed on behalf of the client Givenit was converted as a non-fungible token (NFT) through Web3Labs, IMA’s research and development center in Decentraland.

Founded in 2018, Engiven is the first B2B crypto-funding program for non-profit organizations. James Lawrenceco-founder and CEO, sees today as a profitable step in the use of ledger technology in insurance.

“As a company at the forefront of blockchain technology, we’ve often blazed our own trail,” Lawrence said. “With IMA as a partner, we can double our strength and advance the adoption of blockchain technology in insurance and in many other industries.”

Certificates of insurance (COIs) are documents that contain the most important information about insurance in an easy-to-digest, standardized form. Although there are contractual requirements for compliance, particularly in the construction and oil and gas industries, COIs are rarely updated or reviewed, leaving companies vulnerable. Issuing certificates such as NFTs solves these processing issues by providing an updated, accessible, verifiable record.

“Certification is an important process for all retailers, with hundreds of millions issued worldwide every year,” said IMA’s Vice President and Director of Innovation and Strategy. Garrett Droege. “Despite the hype surrounding NFTs, the tools are not widely used in business. COI is the best tool to demonstrate its value, and blockchain leader Engiven is the best partner.”

“Web3Labs allows us to explore opportunities to help our clients and lead companies to adopt Web 3.0 technologies,” added IMA Vice President and Director of Web3Labs. Justin Jacobs. “The COI process is the starting point because we can make our customers more reliable and profitable for our downstream and upstream partners.”

About Opinions of the company IMA Financial Group

From the North America, Opinions of the company IMA Financial Group Inc. is an integrated financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its diverse clients through insurance and wealth management solutions. Because IMA is employee-owned, its 1,800-plus associates have the ability to provide flexible solutions to their clients’ needs.

onAbout Engiven

Engiven is a leading cryptocurrency donation management platform that provides end-to-end solutions for nonprofits and donors. Engiven’s nonprofit clients include well-respected organizations and services United States including The Salvation Army, US Figure Skating, Compassion International, Texas A&Mand North Point Ministries. To learn more about Engiven, visit

About Opinions of the company IMA Financial Group

Opinions of the company IMA Financial Group is a North American insurance company specializing in risk management, insurance, employee benefits and wealth management systems. Among the largest independent companies, retailers with employees in the US, IMA employs more than 1,350 highly skilled professionals in growing industries. The company’s mission is to protect assets and make a difference for customers, partners and communities.

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