Insurance company ads continue to be the most viewed

You could be forgiven if you’re one of those people who gets tired of the endless car insurance commercials on TV and in movies featuring cute and memorable characters like Emus, Geckos, Mayhem Men, Jake from State Farm, the Farmer’s Insurance professor, and, of course. , Flo, Progressive’s cashier.

However, despite their ubiquity and annoying culture, surveys continue to rank freelancers as the most popular with consumers, and the industry stands for their high value and brand awareness.

“Probably three or four of the top 10 brands in all of TV advertising are insurance,” said Tyler Bobin, senior analyst at, which measures brand and TV business and advertising marketing. “Some ads are over the top but it’s the kind of brand advertising where you immediately recognize the people who are advertising and the company they represent.”

iSpot’s recent analysis of how insurance companies covered TV in the first half of 2022 found that of the 50 most-watched insurance ads, Liberty Mutual’s spot was ranked as the most loved, followed closely by Farmer’s Insurance, which has a home manager. museum. and actor JK .Simmons, and of course one is GEICO Gecko. Like most successful commercials, it succeeds with funny vignettes, earworms, and repetitive quotes.

“We obviously want to break through a very competitive market so that consumers remember Liberty Mutual,” said Jena Lebel, Liberty Mutual’s global marketing director. “In our TV commercials, we use memorable, funny and funny moments, and we drive brand communication through popular channels like LiMu Emu & Doug and our jingle.”

More important than popularity, was the number of times the ad was seen by viewers, or what the advertising industry calls “views.”

“The top five insurers had about 33 billion or more in the first half of the year,” Bobin said. “That’s a lot of money.”

However, while the volume of advertising for the auto insurance industry seems to be constant, the estimated amount of insurance in the first half of 2022 – $ 1.22 billion – was flat, or slightly lower than in previous periods, iSpot found. Bobin explained that commercial advertising costs much less than the money spent by car manufacturers, fast food chains, and advertising services, because insurers usually advertise during the day as opposed to prime time or special events such as NFL games and March Madness when sales are very high.

“Insurance companies are very popular on television regardless of the time of year,” he says analysis he said. “From January 2021, the insurance industry – life, health, motor & general – will capture 9.32% of global television spend and 6.25% of television viewing. Also, four of the five most popular brands at that time were insurance. “

The fact that marketing emphasizes humor, life, emotion, and characters over difficult marketing strategies is no doubt the result of slight differences in marketing from one company to another. The goal is to attract attention, brand recognition, and comfort, not to mention price or style. Liberty’s Lebel said only that the manufacturing process was “rooted in our business objectives.”

“It’s very different,” Bobin said. “Machine manufacturers are quick to give you a price; advertising services tell you what the price is; wireless companies boldly display monthly fees; even fast food restaurants are price conscious. Therefore, you are only seeing a group of insurance companies without mentioning their prices. “

Doug Bailey is a journalist and freelance writer based out of Boston. He can be reached at [email protected].

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