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Can You Try Driving a Car in India Without Insurance?

Want to buy your family a new car? The fun begins when you go to the car showroom for a test drive. Isn’t it? No matter how much research you do on different types of cars, you won’t be satisfied until you drive one to see it. But is everyone allowed to take the test? What if you hit a car during the test? This is where the question arises as to whether it is necessary to have one car insurance test drive?

Wondering if I need insurance to test drive? Yes, to drive on any Indian road, all vehicles must be insured under a Compulsory Third Party Plan. In this article, we want to help you understand what car insurance needs for a test drive. But, before we do that, why not take a look at the value of a test drive before buying a new car? So, read on!

Why Should You Test Drive Before Buying a Car?

Going for a test drive is undoubtedly the most important step before spending your hard-earned money on any car. It allows you to drive yourself without a second thought. You get a chance to see the car and review its features. Driving a car for a test drive helps you gain experience in driving. You can look at the pros and cons of the car and this, will help you make the call to buy or not. Identifying certain things during the test drive will help you save your money from being wasted in a faulty car that could lead to other unusual expenses.

Can I Drive Without Insurance?

Now, coming straight to when you need insurance to test drive? You should know about the benefits of buying cheap car insurance, but do you think that without car insurance you can’t test drive? No, it’s not like that, you can go for a drive even without car insurance. However, all vehicles must be covered by a TP or Third-Party Liability Plan to drive on Indian roads. Third Party Plans cover damages or injuries to a third party or third party in the event of an accident while attempting to drive a vehicle. But, in this case you as a car buyer should not worry at all. The car dealer will ensure that the car you are testing has TP and Own Damage Insurance to meet the above requirements.

What is Test Drive Insurance?

You must have heard of buying auto insurance, but what about auto insurance? Test driving insurance is basically a short plan that aims to cover you when you are put to test drive a car from a showroom. In most cases, the seller takes out auto insurance for test cars, which includes a third-party plan as well as their own damage insurance. The first involves damage or injury to another person. The latter covers damages caused by the motor vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Test Drive Insurance?

Whether you buy a car that you want to test drive or not, you need to have insurance. Accidents can happen anywhere and regardless of whether the car you are driving is your own or a test drive. Therefore, to reduce the risk and ensure your safety, dealers should only offer car and car insurance. Two insurance benefits that a seller usually has are:

  1. It guarantees the person taking the car for a test.
  2. It convinces other people on the road when a person takes a car for a test drive.

So, all in all, with car insurance, you can take your dream car for a test drive without fear of damage and loss. If, God forbid, any damage or accident occurs, you will not be paid a penny for the loss.

How Does Test Drive Insurance Work?

You don’t need to buy car insurance online to test drive. If you are trying to buy a new car through a dealer, the dealer will arrange the car insurance individually. In simple words, the car dealer must make sure that the car that is being driven is an approved Third-Party Insurance Plan. Some dealers also go for the best auto insurance to cover any type of issues during the test drive. Dealers look for car insurance with a comprehensive damage insurance plan to protect against damage to the car.

What Do You Need to Take a Driving Test?

All you need to take your driving test is to carry your valid driving licence. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy car insurance to test drive a car at any car showroom. This part of the insurance is handled by the car dealer. You can book a test drive by showing your valid driving license or DL. After all, your dealer must check the test car to make it legal to drive on public roads. Some car dealers and countries may vary in these requirements to give you a test drive, so check before booking a test drive.

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The end

Test cars are readily available at all popular car dealerships. To ensure that no buyer feels unsafe driving, dealers offer test drives with car insurance that includes third-party coverage and damage cover. All these insurances cover damage to any third party and the vehicle during the trial period. So, a quick tip here is to not risk your life by taking a test drive from a dealer who does not have test drive insurance.

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