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An insurance company that refuses to pay insurance premiums is not an insurance company. Instead, it’s an investment company that takes your dollars, invests the money and pays interest and dividends – on your money – to its investors.

Unfortunately, many people buy insurance from what ValChoice considers “marketing companies.” But, how can you tell if a company that sells insurance is really an investment company or an insurance company? Actually, it’s simple. We rate every auto insurance company and every homeowner’s insurance company on the market. Get ratings for your insurance company by clicking the button below. If they get it right, you have a good insurance company. If they get it right, you should switch to a good insurance company.

Finding companies that are good at paying for insurance claims

Alternatively, look at the ads. Do they talk more about saving you money than protecting you? If so, that’s a clue. When we talk to insurance agents who are the best in paying insurance claims, what they have in mind is to provide the best product. They know they have to be competitive on price. They also know that price is not everything.

ValChoice rates all of these companies based on the value they offer, how well they do when it comes to paying insurance premiums and how well they perform overall. Most importantly, we use high quality data. We do not use surveys or online reviews. The reason we don’t use these methods is that they are notoriously unreliable. Instead, all the information we used has been collected and reviewed by state insurance departments.

ValChoice makes this information easily available to consumers by publishing the names of the best insurance companies in each state. If the rate you found for your insurance company above was not good, click on the buttons below to find the companies that are the best for paying your living expenses.

Some consumers prefer to find the best insurance agent near them

in order to help consumers of all kinds, some consumers just want to contact an insurance company that can help them. ValChoice is the only website that lists only agents that represent the best insurance companies. Affiliates that do not represent companies with scores equal to or above the gauge below are not allowed to use ValChoice tools and are listed on our website.

To find sponsors who represent companies that have achieved success at this level or higher, click the Find a Sponsor button below.

But price is also important to me

Most consumers are price conscious. However, until ValChoice came along, understanding the importance of insurance was difficult. Therefore, no one provided reliable information on how good the claims service was. Some insurance companies took advantage of this fact. In fact, they still do.

At ValChoice, we agree that value is important. We often say, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, if the company doesn’t pay for the insurance, it’s a waste of money.

To help consumers know what the cost is, and what they can do to save money, we have created an insurance price calculator. Check out our inventory by clicking the buttons below.

Note: ValChoice is not paid by insurance companies to perform tests. Therefore, unlike other betting systems, we do not pay to play. We rate companies using the most advanced data to identify the companies that provide the best service and are best at delivering on their promise to protect you and your family.

About Dan Karr

Dan has been a CEO or Vice President of high-tech companies for over 20 years. While working as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a technology company, Dan suffered a serious injury on the job. After dealing with trying to get insurance companies to cover his large medical bills, or getting a loan to pay off Dan’s medical bills, he became well aware of the complexities of insurance. Dan founded ValChoice to provide his experience by bringing consumers, insurance agents and financial advisors the easy-to-understand analysis needed to identify insurance companies that offer the best value, coverage — based on claims — and service.