Kestrel introduced by Mr. Ledbetter as an expert on the most useful software –

Terry Ledbetter and Luke Ledbetterformer insurance specialist for State National Companies, is back with a new venture, having established Kestrel Group as a software specialist with the aim of bringing more efficiency to the insurance and reinsurance market.

Mr. Ledbetter built a company and system with State National that made the most of the opportunity to find risk-taking relationships and investment funds, perhaps best evidenced by their work with insurance-related managers (ILS) such as Nephila Capital.

State National was eventually sold to Markel, in what the company called a “good insurance strategy” and added former ILS manager Nephila Capital to its fold as well, calling the three businesses “game-changing”.

Now, Mr. Ledbetter is back and has started the Kestrel Group, seeking to make the value risk more efficient and shorter, by connecting the insurance business programs directly with the power of reinsurance.

The Kestrel Group will act as the sole producer of four AM Best “A-” rated (Superior) insurers.

These carriers have multiple licenses in the United States and have greater capacity and more lines, Kestrel explained.

The new project aims to “enhance the experience of the entire insurance industry,” and I believe the design will support this.

By bringing reinsurance money to founders and underwriters, through a platform of rated carriers that pass the risk and save a little, Ledbetter hopes to place the Kestrel Group as a key element in the value chain that can help other companies to grow. sales.

Terry Ledbetter, Vice Chairman of Kestrel Group, commented on the launch of the company, “We are proud to announce the launch of Kestrel Group, a technology platform that will help improve the performance of the insurance industry.

“Previously at State National, we focused on building a bridge between distribution and power. The Kestrel team will build on our extensive experience, strong track record of success and deep relationships across the industry to further benefit our customers.”

Kestrel has assembled a team that includes State National founders and brings deep industry relationships and deep knowledge of the software business environment and how to effectively implement software.

The senior team has a track record of writing business benefit programs and managing relationships with regulators and rating agencies.

Luke Ledbetter, Kestrel Group President and Chief Executive Officer, explained “At the core of our business is listening to the needs of our clients in organizing events that lead to long-term partnerships. Terry and I have been working on our mission to focus on these efforts and we find great satisfaction in building relationships and developing ways to benefit all groups.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to once again serve program managers, MGAs, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers through the Kestrel Group.”

Kestrel offers a wide range of approved lines of business with a number of businesses, including AmTrust Financial Services, which is the only partner listed here.

The software business has been very active in the past few years, since State National became part of Markel.

Software experts have received high rates and become visible investors in the private sector, but the best among them and the most visible are interested in connecting the risk as directly as possible to the best sources of reinsurance capital, including the ILS fund and capital market. advertisers.

It will be interesting to see how Kestrel fares against State National and whether Mr. Ledbetter can repeat his success with this new venture.

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