La Vergne’s Chunn Insurance Agency Offers Personal Services

There are many options in the insurance market.

Both a blessing and a curse, this number can overwhelm consumers, especially if they don’t know what they want from an agent. It asks the question, “WWhat should consumers look for when shopping for insurance?” Also, how do they know they’ve found an agent they can trust?

The newly formed Chunn Insurance was founded on the principle of providing customers with a reliable solution. From La Vergne, Chunn Insurance was founded by second generation insurance agent Daniel Chunn. A proud Tennessean, Daniel has lived in the Volunteer state his entire life. He has called Rutherford County home since he moved to the area when he was 10 years old.

“[My dad] he was an agent for two or three different agencies,” Daniel tells the Murfreesboro Voice. With his father, mother, and brother all insurance agents, one could say that Daniel was born to start his own insurance company.

Daniel remembers: “Since I was 17 years old, I knew that eventually I would start working in insurance.”

Trying Different Things

Daniel was given the opportunity to open an insurance agency once before.

Tempted by this first offer, Daniel ended up refusing. He was not ready to follow the path of his other relatives, and instead wanted to explore other career opportunities. This opportunity gave him many opportunities, including ten years spent with Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions. Daniel’s work at Ramsey Solutions focused on inventory, where Daniel managed the company’s educational publications—books, CDs, DVDs, and other products.

Daniel has worked on many projects over the years. In most of the positions he had, he was not really satisfied with what he was doing. After years of looking for other jobs, Daniel accepted his invitation to become an insurance agent.

But what brought him the job? Daniel shares that he learned to love being an insurance agent after watching his father use his social skills to help others.

“The ‘people aspect’ is what drew me to the industry… Marketing is all about understanding and meeting people where they are,” says Daniel.

Service Change, Not Just Products

Chunn Insurance is part of the Farmers Insurance family. Daniel’s business. Daniel is a “captive,” meaning that the insurance he sells must come from Farmers Insurance if possible. If many of the Farmers Insurance products do not meet a customer’s needs, Daniel can provide them with insurance outside of the Farmers Insurance field.

Daniel said: “We can do anything.” “This is one of my favorite things about this organization, and being a part of the Farmers family.”

Although it has only been operating for a few months, Chunn Insurance has already grown. At the time of writing, Daniel had two full-time employees and one part-time employee.

“Once you start from zero, there’s nowhere to go but up!” Daniel jokes.

Chunn Insurance is growing as other captive Farmers Insurance agents work with the community. Part of this may be due to the size of Rutherford County, as the large population in the area means potential customers for all.

For Daniel, the description of “the waves tossing up all the ships” is only part of the story. He tells Murfreesboro Voice readers that since each captive is their own small business, it feels like a small business to the customer.

He uses the example of fast food, saying that the difference between the places that work in the same organization is not important.

“They’re taking it in one car, maybe,” he says.

Realizing that the things are the same, Daniel said that the secret between different slaves is the service that one can give more than the other.

Appreciating the growth his business has seen, Daniel tells readers that many of the other local slaves who work under Farmers Insurance work hard to provide exceptional service to customers.

“Every supporter I’ve met at Farmers, they’ve been fantastic,” he says. “They are [there] giving you free advice, support and encouragement. “…

Being Available to Customers

Chunn Insurance competes with all other agents held by other insurance companies. It may sound tempting to do business directly with a company because they sell the products. In support of the captive’s approach, Daniel says that big companies cannot afford to do anything.

“How does someone understand you, your family, and their needs in fifteen minutes?” he asks.

Because of this perspective, Daniel proves to be considerate, compassionate, and memorable to clients. When there are other insurance options, his relationship with the customers is what he has.

He also said, “Our goal is not just to create jobs… but to ensure them.” [the customer] he has peace of mind. When they leave an accident, they don’t have to worry about how they will pay. They should be concerned about making sure everyone is safe and healthy. That’s what we’re after.”

For anyone seeking insurance coverage, Daniel asks “Do you like the person selling the insurance? Do they understand your individual needs? And do they want to help you, or hurt you?”

To learn more about Chunn Insurance, be sure to visit website and social media.