Leading Insurance Firm Plexus Law Announces Partnership with expert.ai to Improve Process Efficiency and Improve Customer Experience with AI-based Natural Language Technology

Expert.ai will enable Plexus Law to accelerate intelligent clinical reporting processes and streamline claims processes.

LONDON and BOSTON, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A leading insurance company, Plexus Lawhas announced a new partnership with expert.ai (EXAI:IM). Using the natural language (NL) capabilities of expert.ai’s AI, Plexus Law will intelligently edit the text of medical reports, which will improve response times for better customer experience.

“Plexus Law is a digitally enabled law firm empowering people and business, now and in the future, with intelligence and creativity,” he said. James SlaterChief Technology Officer at Plexus Law. “The partnership with expert.ai introduces AI-based technology that improves operational efficiency and significantly improves response time to our goals that benefit users and customers. investing in technology as part of our digital transformation program.”

Expert.ai empowers businesses and government agencies to improve their growing economy. AI-powered language technology is proving to be a powerful competitive advantage that drives new functionality and customer experience. For law firms, they can be used to streamline complex and often manpower-intensive processes. Plexus Law is committed to investing in technology to improve client experience – and has chosen experts.ai’s Legal Solutions suite to make it faster and easier for legal staff to increase the number of accounts managed and expand the scope and depth of documents that can be reviewed.

Natural language understanding (NLU) for AI experts (NLU) and natural language understanding (NLP) provide the ability to understand language with high accuracy. As a result, claims teams at Plexus Law will be able to process large medical report documents (medical history data, test and diagnosis reports, etc.) and extract specific information that helps speed up analysis and reporting.

By using intelligent automation in medical reporting, legal professionals can:

  • Streamline the analysis and processing of legal documents, reducing the time you spend on analysis and research (no more tedious and repetitive writing);
  • Cost reduction due to greater efficiency;
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating errors related to manual entry;
  • Freeing up time for legal professionals to do valuable work;
  • Improve reporting, resulting in better customer experience.

“We are excited to partner with Plexus Law to rethink how information systems are implemented across the legal system,” he said. he said John Wilkinson, Vice President EMEA Sales, expert.ai. “Using expert.ai’s language capabilities, legal teams can read thousands of documents, turn language into actionable data and accurately extract the data they need to achieve maximum efficiency while providing timely solutions to clients.”

About the Plexus Law
Plexus Law is a leading insurance firm that provides professional, high quality, legal services to insurers, insurers, Lloyd’s market, self-insured companies and across government. It provides clients with a full range of litigation-related legal services, from capital cases to complex, high-value cases. The firm is able to deliver the best results to its clients by combining the leading expertise of Partner, renowned and proven lawyers and managers with its unique digital technology platforms, analytics, automation and reporting capabilities. These results span the entire claim lifecycle and include a focus on reducing fees and costs and improving processing and processing times. It also works closely and collaboratively with clients and major market organizations to provide legal advice, training, advice and professional insight. The company has approximately 800 employees and is headquartered Leedsand additional offices in the UK, incl London, ManchesterEvesham, Edinburghand Chelmsford. For more information, visit

About the expert.ai
Expert.ai (EXAI:IM) is an award-winning leader in natural language AI software. Insurance, banking and finance, publishing, media and security organizations all rely on expert.ai to turn language into data, analyze and understand complex documents, accelerate the process of intelligence and improve decision making. Expert.ai’s natural language development mission combines simple and powerful tools with a proven hybrid AI approach that combines symbolic and machine learning to solve real-world problems and improve business processes faster and faster. With offices inside Europe and North America, expert.ai supports global businesses such as AXA XL, Zurich Insurance Group, Generali, The Associated Press, Bloomberg INDG, BNP Paribas, Rabobank, Gannett and EBSCO. For more information, visit

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