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Life insurance for people with disabilities can be very difficult to buy. Life insurance companies can focus on health. This means that disability can affect support options and policy costs. However, policies may still exist. This guide to life insurance for people with disabilities can give you information on what you can do to get covered.

Can you get life insurance if you have a disability?

When insurance companies offer life insurance, they are allowed to consider their health. Insurers assess the risk of death of a person at the time of payment. If the risk is too high, the insurance provider may reject the entire policy. If there is a high but reasonable risk, the insurance provider may offer a policy but they charge a lot of money.

In some cases, finding life insurance with pre-existing conditions can be difficult or impossible because Insurers go through this underwriting process to assess risks. Depending on the nature of the disability, it can be considered as an obstacle to existing.

If the disability does not affect life or health, then the insurer may be willing to provide coverage at a lower cost. For example, a person who is deaf or blind but has no other medical problems may not have a problem getting life insurance. But if the disability causes the person to die prematurely, life insurance may be denied or too expensive or impossible to obtain from the insurance company.

How do insurance companies view disability?

The exact definition of disability can vary by life insurance company. In general, any condition that affects mental or physical health can be considered a disability. Common examples include:

  • Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD
  • Things that affect hearing, vision, or other senses
  • Medical problems that affect mobility
  • Things that affect thinking, memory, or communication

A disability can be something that a person is born with. Or they may be acquired through illness or injury during their lifetime.

Types of life insurance for people with disabilities

Types of life insurance for people with disabilities fall into two categories. These are the same types of life insurance that are available to those without disabilities. However, it may be difficult for some people to find insurance that offers these policies because of their social status.

Long life

Term life insurance policy provides coverage for a fixed period of time. For example, it may pay a death benefit if the policyholder dies in 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years. If the policyholder does not die during the coverage period, no death benefit will be paid.


A whole life policy, also called permanent life insurance, provides permanent coverage. This policy remains in effect as long as payment is made. There is also a financial aspect. Some of the premiums are invested. As a result, the process achieves a financial value.

Whole life is more expensive than long term life. In most cases, it’s not worth the extra cost. That’s because most people become self-insured at some point. People who depend on them stop relying on their money or jobs.

How to qualify for life and disability insurance

A person’s ability to qualify for life and disability insurance depends on their circumstances and circumstances. Although it may be out of a person’s control, there are things that can sometimes be done to increase the chances of being accepted for help.

Take control of your situation

If the problem is managed properly, insurers will not deny coverage due to disability. Insurers will want to see medical records. They will also ask in detail about health. If the information shows that the disability will not lead to premature death, insurers may approve the policy request.

Shop around for insurance

Some insurers have strict limits on when they will provide life insurance to people with disabilities. That’s why it’s so important to shop around between different insurance companies to research coverage options. Those who are disabled and who wish to purchase a policy should research as many insurance companies as possible to find affordable coverage.

Be honest about your application

It is important to disclose the disability early. It is also important to be completely honest about the treatment. This will help you to avoid cancellation of the policy later.

Consider a law that does not require a blood test

Some insurances are guaranteed. No medical tests are required. Insurers may also not ask for health history. If permanent insurance is not available, this can be an alternative to life insurance for people with disabilities.

Other life insurance options if you are denied

If a person with a disability cannot afford a permanent life or permanent life policy, there is life insurance that can be used. Some examples of life insurance for people with disabilities who cannot find the right policy include:

Final amount

Term insurance is a type of life insurance. It is designed to cover funeral expenses. It is possible to buy Learning this regardless of disability or pre-existing conditions. Policies often have a limited death benefit.

A definite article

Guaranteed treatment is also available to people regardless of their health status. Policy limits may be lower than fixed term or lifetime. However, there must still be money to pay for funerals and to provide limited support for loved ones. There is often a death benefit, however. This means that only a portion of the total death benefit will be paid for the months or years that the policy is in effect.

Life insurance vs

Life insurance is not the same as disability insurance. Disability policies can provide income to people who are disabled and unable to work because of it. On the other hand, life insurance policies provide compensation to their loved ones after death.

It is possible to add a disability rider to most life insurance policies. This is an added bonus. It pays monthly payments to help cover lost wages if a disability makes work impossible. However, a stand-alone disability policy will provide more coverage at a lower cost than purchasing this type of life insurance.

Life insurance for disabled dependents

In some cases, people without disabilities may want to purchase life insurance for people with disabilities. Guaranteed policies may exist or fixed term or whole life policies may be optional depending on the disability. Or a parent can pick up an individual rider to add their child.

Buying life insurance for a child with a disability at a young age can help ensure that they have protection in place for them in the future. They may choose to keep that policy.