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Network Hospital List of Care Health Insurance Companies

Care Health Insurance It offers its policyholder a cashless hospital under its entire network of hospitals. This blog describes the complete list of online clinics offered by Care Insurance.

The main benefit of buying health insurance is getting access to the network of hospitals that are covered by the insurance policy. This allows the insured or policyholder to easily go to cashless treatment at one of the network hospitals. This is because the insurance company is responsible for settling all medical debts for the insured directly with the hospital, according to the insurance policy chosen by the insurer.

Care Health Insurance is one of the providers of free medical services for policy holders. Here we present a complete list of network hospitals that fall under the Care Insurance network, for your easy reference.

List of Care Health Insurance Clinics

Care Health Insurance Company has partnerships with many hospitals spread across the country. The table below details the number of hospitals available in each city in India covered by Care Health Insurance’s hospital network.

City in India Hospitals in that City
New Delhi 4,737
Noida 721
Gurgaon 1,317
Ghaziabad 1,003
Bengaluru 4,695
Jaipur 2,253
Kolkata 2,675
Mumbai 4,189
Pune 4,148
Patna 889
Lucknow 1,266
Hyderabad 6,098
That’s it 5,684
Cochin 98
Chandigarh 515
Ahmedabad 3,041

How to Find the Nearest Hospital from Care Health Insurance?

As you can see from the table above, Care Health Insurance Company has hospitals spread all over India. However, if you cannot find a hospital in your city in the table above, do not worry or think that it will not be made under the list of Care hospitals.

All you have to do is visit the medical website at the Care Health Insurance website. Select the city you live in and press Enter. A complete list of online hospitals that are covered by Care Health Insurance will be opened in front of you, along with the full address and directions to the clinic.

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Benefits of Network Hospitals under Care Health Insurance

If you are a Care Health Insurance plan owner, you get special benefits such as getting free medical treatment at the insurance company’s hospitals. This allows you to be admitted to any hospital on the list without worrying about the tedious procedures of the hospital during the admission process or the need to pay a lot of money before admission.

All these worries can be well taken care of by your insurance – Care Health Insurance. If the hospital is part of a list of hospitals, the insurance company will pay all the costs of the treatment directly to the hospital concerned. You don’t have to worry about paying and instead you can focus on getting the best treatment available at the hospital and getting well soon.

Procedures for submitting non-financial claims to Care Health Insurance

If you have chosen to receive free treatment at Care Health Insurance clinics, you must do the following when submitting a complaint to the company:

  • Find a network clinic near you: You can find a complete list on the Care Health Insurance website. Just visit the website and enter your city to get a complete list of hospitals affiliated with the company.
  • Contact the insurer: When you find a hospital near you and are admitted there for treatment, make sure you notify your insurance company – Care Health Insurance – as soon as possible. If you know in advance that you need to be hospitalized for treatment, let the company know as well.
  • Find the Most Accepted Form: This form is available at the hospital. Fill it in properly and send it to Health Care Insurance for approval. Once your insurance provider approves you, you will have the right to receive medical treatment at the hospital.
  • Discharge from hospital: Again, you can save the hassle of paying the full amount at checkout. You only need to pay for items purchased or services received at the hospital, which are not covered by your health insurance plan from Care.
  • Loan repayment and insurance: When you are discharged, the hospital sends your medical bills to the insurance company. The latter will review the costs and establish them directly with the network hospital.

Health Insurance Reform

If your insurance from Care Health Insurance is about to expire, it makes sense to renew it before it expires so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of medical care at no cost. To renew your insurance plan, visit the company’s website and fill in the details of the Care Health Insurance policy. You can follow the simple instructions they follow and easily renew your insurance online.

Care Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

According to recent statistics, Care Health Insurance’s loan repayment rate is 95%. This means that the number of Care Health Insurance has exceeded 7 lakh claims so far. As of March 2019, the company had received 700,596 complaints from policyholders, achieving 92.3% of policyholders’ complaints. Note that all claims submitted to the company must be resolved by filling out the Care Health Insurance application form.


Care Health Insurance is one of the leading providers in the health insurance industry. With fixed interest rates, the company promises good services to its customers. Be sure to read Care Health Insurance reviews online before deciding to purchase your health insurance plan.
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