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Whether you live in Venice or Palmetto, there is always the possibility that when you are on the road, you will be involved in a traffic accident. Fortunately, that’s what this insurance covers, but that’s where things get messy in Florida. Florida is a “no problem” state.which means that $10000 is only paid regardless of who is at fault when a car accident occurs.

However, fraudsters and fraudsters try to play the game and cheat drivers and insurance companies out of the premiums. Insurance fraud can cost over a billion dollars through false claimsAnd in Florida, people need to be more careful about scams. Here are some of the ways crooks on the road try to lure Florida drivers into fraudulent accidents.

Fear Stops

This, unfortunately, is an easy accident to make people sick. Fraudsters walk the streets, keeping an eye out for distracted drivers. For example, if someone is looking at their phone and seems to be consulting their phone for some time, the fraudster will deliberately move their car forward, then stop suddenly when the driver is not listening, and then say. that they were guilty of distracted driving.

Drivers in this situation, especially if they know they had a phone at the time, cannot dispute this and follow the insurance policy.

Exaggerating Claims

Perhaps one of the most common scams, and for some, it is not considered a problem. Sometimes, drivers exaggerate the damage to the car to get more money than what is needed to repair it. In Florida, this scam has also been implemented in businesses.

Some auto glass repair companies, for example, have been known to record far higher claims for auto glass damage than actually occurred. This often happens without the knowledge of the victim, who the repair shop tells that the cost of repairing the windshield is several hundred dollars, which is true, while the claim that the repair shop is covered by the insurance is that the damage to the windshield will happen. it cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Insurance Fraud

Sometimes, insurance fraud doesn’t come from other drivers or fraudulent repair centers but from someone you should trust, the insurance agent. Always, people should work with insurance companies that are licensed and have a good business record, but some insurance agents can abuse this trust or they may not have many qualifications, but they can be forgiven by people. and charisma.

One of the worst scams such people can pull off is tricking someone into having insurance they don’t have. People pay their premiums, but the fraudster collects the money, not the insurance company. When an accident occurs, the injured find that they do not have insurance.

However, the most common and dangerous method is “skipping,” which means sneaking in some extras that the user doesn’t know about and “skipping over” the monthly payments from those extras. In this case, the insurance is valid, but the extra money is unnecessary and go to the scammer’s agent instead.

Pull Scams

The last trick is the tow truck trick, where a tow truck arrives at the scene of an accident and leaves with the trucks. Some drivers think that someone called the tow, or even that their insurance company did. However, these are “criminal towers,” and they hold the car until additional money is paid to release it.

If you have been injured in a car accident and are not at fault, talk to a car accident attorney. Make sure you get legal advice to get what you owe.

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