MeasureOne Launches Insurance Solutions, Empowering Agents to Deliver Faster, More Accurate Quotes

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MeasureOne, the leading consumer authorization platform, today announced the release of a new insurance support solution, allowing agents to instantly capture prospects, provide faster customer service, and effectively grow their book of business. Product development comes after a few months MeasureOne has announced its expansion to $1.2 trillion insurance market.

Agents can use MeasureOne to request and receive the information they need from their insured in a manner authorized by consumers. Using these channels, policyholders can instantly and securely share their insurance information directly with the provider. 3 easy steps:

  1. First, the sponsor will invite the opportunity to share their announcements through MeasureOne.

  2. Then, policyholders will connect their online insurance account through the MeasureOne platform, and instantly share access to their data.

  3. Approved and verified insurance data is immediately provided to the applicant.

Using shared data, an insurance agent can find and pull competitive prices to win sales. MeasureOne it covers 95% of the insurance market and 100% of the major carriers, providing unparalleled access to data.

Leading this expansion is MeasureOne’s new Head of Insurance, Matt Donovan, a former insurance technology expert and co-founder of Talage, an API-driven performance management platform (SMP) for commercial insurance. Donovan will lead MeasureOne insurance to improve the provider’s solutions to ensure for employers with contract drivers like. Uberas well as finding information for writing purposes.

“The ability to access accurate data in a secure and timely manner is critical to the insurance industry,” explains Donovan. “It’s ours a new way, insurance companies have access to the latest information to provide their prospects with the best quotes. This is just the beginning of the new ways we plan to drive the insurance business with our consumer-enabled platform. “

The new provider’s response demonstrates MeasureOne’s commitment to continuing to bring consumers to share their data to unlock new business opportunities and better solutions throughout the insurance business and beyond. Insurance is a relationship-oriented business so improving the customer experience helps improve the quality of insurance sales. Using MeasureOne’s consumer-authorized data platform eliminates the back-and-forth process of data collection, and transforms it with just a few clicks.

Over the past six months, MeasureOne has partnered with BeSmartee, Einstein Higher Edu Solutions, GDSLink and TurnKey Lender to streamline the loan application process and expand access to loans for thousands of borrowers. United States. The company also achieved SOC 2 Type II certification which demonstrates MeasureOne’s commitment to protecting key customers and consumers.

Donovan and MeasureOne will be in attendance InsureTech Connect from September 20-22, connecting with insurers and partners to discuss how MeasureOne can help them improve their services and grow their businesses. For more information, please visit

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