METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO – 10-Q – Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial and Results of Operations

Index to Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results
                                 of Operations

       Forward-Looking Statements and Other Financial Information         76
       Business                                                           76
       Summary of Critical Accounting Estimates                           77

       Results of Operations                                              78
       Adopted Accounting Pronouncements                                  82
       Future Adoption of Accounting Pronouncements                       83
       Non-GAAP and Other Financial Disclosures                           83
       Risk Management                                                    83


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Forward-Looking Statements and Financial Information

In this discussion, “MLIC,” “Company,” “we,” “our” and “us”
show to Metropolitan Life Insurance Companya new York organization
It was founded in 1868, and its subsidiaries. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
is a subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. (MetLife, Inc., together with its
subsidiaries and affiliates, “MetLife”). Analysis of Management issues of
Company results are provided in accordance with the General Instruction
H(2)(a) of Form 10-Q. This descriptive analysis should be read in conjunction with
Opinions of the company Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Annual report on Form 10-K for the year
it ended December 31, 2021 (“2021 Annual Report”), cautionary language
regarding the forward-looking statements included below, the “Risk Factors” set
Part II, Part 1A, and the appendices mentioned therein,
and the Company’s consolidated financial statements are included
somewhere here.

This descriptive analysis may contain or include information that
includes or includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of
Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. See “Note Regarding
Forward-Looking Statements” for forward-looking cautionary language

This descriptive analysis includes references to our operating system, modified
earnings, which are not based on generally accepted accounting principles and
United States of America
(“GAAP”). See “- Non-GAAP and Other Financials
Disclosure” of the definitions and discussion of these and other financial matters
measurements, and “- Performance Results” for past reconciliations
non-GAAP financial measures to the most closely related GAAP measures.


In short

MLIC is a provider of insurance, annuities, employee benefits and property
management. MLIC is made up of two parts: US and Opinions of the company MetLife Holdings. In
In addition, the Company provides other reports on the results of operations in the Corporate
& Others. See Note 2 of the Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Comment to know more about Company and Corporate divisions &

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Current Market Conditions

We continue to closely monitor developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak
and assess its impact on our business. We have implemented risk management and
business continuity plans and adopting preventive measures and other preventive measures,
such as business travel restrictions and remote work arrangements
which, until now, has enabled us to maintain our complex business processes,
customer service levels, relationships with key suppliers, financial reporting
systems, internal control over financial reporting and disclosure controls and

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the global economy and economy
markets and has led to global financial, credit and housing instability
markets. Governments and central banks around the world responded
The pandemic of COVID-19 with financial policies that have not happened before, but many
These stimulus programs may be due to the global economic recovery as well
rising inflation. In United Statesand Board of Governors cha Federal
Reserve System
(the “Federal Reserve Board”) ended its bond-buying program
March 2022 and began to reduce his property June 1, 2022. The Federal Open
Market Committee
has raised interest rates four times in 2022; it adds up
The level of federal funding is expected in 2022 to
fight inflation. In times of inflation and rising interest rates, the
the need for fixed income decreases which can increase awareness and
unrealized losses, resulting in taxable income that may not exist

See “- Job Results” for more information about the results of
the COVID-19 pandemic in our industry.

Development of Laws

The following discussion on development management should be considered
in conjunction with “Business – Regulation” in the 2021 Annual Report, as amended
or add here.

Environmental Laws and Regulations

To improve President Biden Executive Order on Climate-Related Finance
Risk, dated May 20, 2021The Federal Insurance Office (“FIO”) sought the public
comments on weather-related risks in the insurance industry via
November 2021. The FIO’s request for information found that it will work
assess how the insurance sector can mitigate climate change and contribute
achieving national climate-related goals. FIO wants to publish a report and
at the end of the year that focuses on climate-related factors in managing insurance policies and
weather-related disclosures and insurance policies.


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Get started March 21, 2022and US Securities and Exchange Commission the law wants
requiring registrants to provide weather-related information in their homes
registration documents and annual reports, including their income
words. This proposal establishes rules for disclosure
climate related risks, physical risks, governance, risk management, finance
indicators, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon emissions
disclosures, and goals and objectives.

London Interbank Offer Rate

In March 2022federal laws were enacted to reverse this change from
US Dollar London Interbank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”) for other products
prices for all US the law governs non-existent or incomplete contracts US
Dollar LIBOR rate. Except in honor of one week and
two months US Dollar LIBOR tenors, federal law trumps all states
the command to speak is US Dollar LIBOR adjustment, including applicable rules
in new York in 2021. Enactment of federal law depends
rules to be announced by a Federal Reserve Board. We continue
assessment of appropriateness, constraints, risks and other current and other conditions
adequacy of our business and insurance.

An Overview of Complex Statistical Simulations

Preparation of financial statements in accordance with GAAP is required
management based on accounting policies and making judgments and assumptions
affects the income reported on the Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial
Comments. The most difficult numbers are those used to determine:

(i)  liabilities for future policy benefits and the accounting for reinsurance;

(ii) refunds and late refunds
(“DAC”) is to establish and depreciate the value of the acquired business

(iii) estimation of fair value of funds without reference market

(iv) allowances for credit losses and damages;

(v) Estimation of fair value of intangible assets and realization and
the refined value of the output that needs to be diversified away;

(vi) measure the liabilities of the employee benefit plan;

(vii) measurement of taxes and valuation of deferred tax assets; and

(viii) legal and regulatory obligations.

By using these strategies and simulations, this management creates a sense of belonging and
complex sentences that often require ideas about the things they contain
uncertain genetics. Most of these policies, assumptions and judgments are similar
it is common in the insurance industry and financial services; others are
directly to our business and services. Actual results may differ from this

The company’s key accounting information is described in “Management’s
Discussion and Analysis of Financial and Operating Results –
A Summary of Historical Statistical Estimates” and Note 1 of the Articles of
Consolidated Financial Statements included in the 2021 Annual Report.


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