New AXA Max Wealth Insurance Plan

Providing guaranteed day-1 pricing[1]up to 81% of the total premium with a guaranteed grace period of 5 years[2]

Combining life insurance and wealth accumulation features with a flexi-flex solution to provide exceptional flexibility in estate planning

HONG KONG, Oga. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AXA Hong Kong is Macau (AXA) today announced its launch Max Wealth Insurance Plan (“Max Wealth”), which offers a guaranteed market lead time of 5 years[2]and guaranteed cash value on the policy start date up to 81%[1] of refund. With Max Wealth, clients are empowered to achieve their financial goals and have sufficient wealth, ultimately unlocking the full potential of wealth accumulation. In addition, Max Wealth also offers a flexible option for customers to transfer a portion of the premium to another insurance policy with no time limit.[3], giving the owner a lot of flexibility in planning the entries. Incorporating whole life protection, Max Wealth eases the client’s burden in the face of life’s unexpected events, and by providing their needs and vision of life from generation to generation.

Kevin ChorChief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macausaid, “Market research has shown that the average economy is the average person’s size Hong Kong it has arrived USD174,000 (approx HKD 1.36 million) and USD503,000 (approx HKD3.95 million) respectively, ranked third in the world[4]. In addition, the number of ultra-high net worth (HNW) and ultra-rich individuals has been increasing. Hong Kong and hit 3.9 million in 2021, accounting for 60.6% of the total population[5]. These numbers show the high demand in the market for wealth management products. Savings with a guaranteed guaranteed cash value and a limited term give customers confidence, especially given the volatility of the market. To address this, Max Wealth has been established to provide clients with a solid portfolio that allows for greater investment and flexibility in different market conditions, enabling them to react quickly to the market and realize their long-term financial goals. accumulate and create a legacy.”

The four most popular of Max Chuma and this:

  1. 2-year ultra-short premium term for free customers from long-term premium products

    It is at least the first investment USD20,000 (approx HKD157,000), Max Wealth offers a convenient 2-year short payment period and a multi-payment option to eliminate the burden of long-term payments. For customers who have opted for full payment, the prepaid amount will earn interest in the first year of the policy at a fixed rate of interest in the Future Premium Deposit Account (“FPDA”). This amount will be withdrawn from the FPDA to cover the annual expenses for the second year of the plan after the second year ends.

  2. The 5 year leading market is guaranteed to fail[2] and 1-day price guaranteed[1] until 81% of all payments are to release the ability to accumulate wealth and flexibility is good

    Under the full payment plan, the total amount guaranteed by the FPDA for the plan at the start of the plan will reach 81%.[1] about the average price. The sum assured will continue to increase throughout the years of the policy and will reach 100% of the total payout at the end of the fifth year of the policy.[2]. It gives customers more confidence in achieving their financial goals. After the end of the third year of the policy, the final installment can be paid to Max Wealth customers on policy surrender, policy maturity or death of the insured.[6].

    Additionally, Max Wealth’s projected 10-year internal rate of return can reach 3.8%[7]. From the age of 15, customers can apply for a partial lock-in option to lock in their benefits without incurring a lock-in cost. In addition, part or all of the value of the partial closing account can be withdrawn at any time without providing a plan to meet the financial needs of the client at different stages of life.

  3. Setting up flexible inheritance with the Flexi Designation Option

    AXA understands that a client’s financial goals and inheritance plans can change at different stages of life. With this in mind, Max Wealth customers can apply for a “split” transfer option after the second policy year. This means transferring part of the value of the policy to a different policy of Max Wealth and selecting someone else as the policyholder, and the policy period will continue until the new policyholder reaches 138 years. This transfer option can be used for an unlimited number. about time[3]making succession planning more flexible and laying a solid financial foundation for the next generation of policyholders and their loved ones.

  4. Simple an essential system to keep your health in check, providing lifelong protection for your loved ones

    Max Wealth Insurance can open this wealth accumulation system by completing simple application procedures without declaring their health.[8]. Max Wealth also offers lifetime protection. In case of accidental death of the insured, the beneficiary will get death benefit equivalent to a maximum of 105%.[9] for the total paid-up amount or the guaranteed cash value, including the unconfirmed portion and the terminal portion and the value of the closing account of the paid-up shares (if any). The designated recipient can also choose to receive compensation either through a lump sum payment, a partial payment or a mixed payment. This ensures that the client’s wealth can benefit their families and future generations.

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AXA Hong Kong and Macau today announced the launch of the Max Wealth Insurance Plan. (From left: Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, and Howard Pou, Chief Distribution Officer, AXA Greater China)

[1] Under the lump sum payment arrangement, and a guaranteed interest rate of 4% p.a., the sum of the guaranteed cash value and the Future Premium Deposit Account (FPDA) balance of your policy at the start of the policy will be 81% of the face value.

[2] Under the full payment plan, the guaranteed amount will reach 100% of the total payment at the end of the fifth year of the plan.

[3] The Flexi Designation Option can be exercised an unlimited number of times as per the requirement as may be determined by the Company from time to time.

[4] Information taken from “Global Wealth Databook 2021”.

[5] Data taken from “Wealth Market Analytics“, presented by GlobalData 2021.

[6] Rents are an uncertain profit, and can vary depending on factors such as investment returns, forecasts, policy volatility and the use of production methods.

[7] The guaranteed interest rate is based on a 4% interest rate and will vary with changes in the guaranteed interest rate.

[8] If the total amount of the basic Max Wealth plan and life insurance plans selected is less than or equal to USD5 million, no medical prescription is required.

[9] If the insured is gone (a) at the end of the third year of the policy and (b) when the age of the insured is 70 or below.

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